“What are you doing in the magazine, Mom?!”

Readers Digest Best Health MagazineWhat an honor to have my story profiled in the November issue of Readers Digest Best Health magazine. My 11 year old son, Tyler, always thinks it’s bizarre to see his mom in print … he had the cutest look of surprise when he opened the magazine up.

As he was only 3 months old when I was diagnosed with cancer, it’s difficult for him to remember a time when I wasn’t healthy. And yet it’s a very strong memory for me – and a powerful reminder on the importance of staying focused on living a healthy, more balanced life.

Frankly, I used to be a work addict – I was so focused on my career that the other aspects of my life were completely out of whack. One of the unexpected gifts of cancer was refocusing on what’s important.

Today, as an entrepreneur I make the choice every day to regulate my time more effectively. I am so conscious of spending quality time with my beautiful children. I strive to make healthy lifestyle choices in terms of diet, fitness and self-care.

And at the same time, I focus on the planning, strategies and discipline to maintain a thriving, prosperous business. Yes … some days things are just too busy juggling a business, a single mom to 2 busy kids and that’s just real life … but I make sure that’s not the norm.

Thought to ponder: Have you found the ‘sweet spot’ of balance in your life?

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