What A Rockstar!

This morning (November 22), when various teams of doctors came into the ICU to check on Kayla, they universally agreed that the girl is a total rockstar!  In fact, they thought her progress was unbelievable, they had never seen anything like it and they said she definitely did not belong in intensive care.

So after another MRI, Kayla was moved into her own room.  She is now being weaned off IV pain medication and is eating solid food.  Was it only yesterday that she had an intense five-hour brain surgery?!

Shannon attributes this almost miraculous progress to Kayla’s unbelievable ability to meet challenges.  For example, a friend called Shannon at the hospital this morning and asked her if she needed anything.

“A Starbucks coffee, please,” she answered.

“And I’ll have a Starbucks yogurt parfait,” piped up a voice in the corner.  The one in the bed.  The one with the 10 different tubes coming out of her body.

The nurse reminded Kayla that she was only supposed to be eating Jello and liquids.  Kayla asked what she had to do to be able to eat the parfait.  The nurse told her the procedure … and by late afternoon, that parfait was thoroughly savoured.  Not only that, Kayla dined on chicken soup and biscuits for dinner, too.  This is a young woman who knows how to meet a challenge!

And, oh yes, the orderly says the hospital printer is about to run out of ink from all the e-greetings that have come in for Kayla.  Shannon wants everyone to know how grateful the family is for all the support and love that is coming their way.

Tonight, Shannon is headed home.  To change clothes for the first time in a day and a half.   To have a hot bath.  A glass of wine.  And certainly to cherish the courage, strength and grace that her daughter has shown her family and the entire hospital community.

What a rockstar!

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  1. Doreen Grey says:

    I am so proud of you. So many hard things to do at your age, but you are up for the challenge. I wonder where you get that from?!!! Sending you prayers for a speedy recovery. God bless you. Doreen Grey

  2. Kayla,
    You are an amazing rockstar! You and your gorgeous mama! Keep shining… both of you. Lots of love, Paula

  3. What a powerful story of healing, parental love, the power of prayer, phenomenal medical and alternative care, community support and most of all the resilience of the human spirit. Both of yours. You inspire us – both of you. I love you all.

    Pleeeeaaaaase write a book :)

    Hallelujah Honey!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt2FWAbXinY&feature=share

  4. Way to go Kayla! Great news. Our thoughts are with both of you ladies.

  5. Matt Palmer says:

    Way to go Kayla!! You are living proof that life’s challenges are only as hard as you make them. Your grace and grit are shining proof of your glorious and wonderful life spirit. Shine on Kayla.

    Matt, Jennifer, Benjamin and Nicholas Palmer

  6. Caroline Harder says:

    Shannon, Kayla and Tyler..

    What wonderful news, keeping the love light shining guys..our love and thoughts are with you all constantly xoox Caroline

  7. Melody Williamson says:

    Rock on, Kayla!!
    I know, I sound so old school but really – you are amazing!! So strong and vibrant!! You are giving us all a sense that your strength is boundless – like Mick Jagger on stage!! Ask your mom if you don’t know who I’m talking about!! Anyway, you are the real rock start today!!
    Carpe Diem!!
    Lots and lots and lots of love,

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