Welcome to 365 new Packages of Possibility!

I love New Years … Such a powerful time of both reflection and looking forward!

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

It has been an incredible year for me – my health, my relationships & my business are all flourishing and I’m looking forward to some exciting new things in 2012.

I always make the time to answer some key questions that put me in a mindset of creating possibilities & setting powerful intentions for the upcoming year. I look back for things I’ve learned, events I want to celebrate and insights that will help me continue to grow.

Then I look ahead.

I welcome the new year with deeper wisdom and clear intentions … I start to vision what I really want to create this year. I’d love to share these simple but powerful questions to help set your year in motion.

A friend sent me this link and I thought it was a perfect sentiment to move into 2012 with … http://www.elion.ee/docs/joulukaart/eng/.

I love how it symbolizes that a little shift can completely change our perspective.

All the best to you and yours in 2012 … let’s truly make it a breakthrough year!

Thought to ponder: What shifts will you make to turn 2012 into your best year yet? What do you need to change? What risks do you need to take?

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  1. Judy Glass says:

    Dear Shannon ~ I am so happy that you have had the opportunity to be away from the Hospital and all the medical things to truly relax with your dear munchkins in such a lovely setting. I wish for you all that you dream for in 2013. Really hope to see you soon to give you a HUG with huge LOVE.

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