The news is ‘bittersweet’…

You know when your oncologist starts by saying that your biopsy results are “bittersweet” to be prepared for the unexpected.

The old good news/bad news scenario!

First a sweet part…

The liver results indicate no cancer – YAY!  I knew when they did the biopsy that they were having difficulty finding the tumor that previously showed up on the CT Scan but WOW – this is excellent news!

Now for the bitter pronouncement…

Apparently I do not have breast cancer metastasis at all.  Huh? Despite their initial analysis, it seems this has nothing to do with my original cancer but instead, the lung cancer is a new primary that has already metastasized into my bones.  As lung cancer is more aggressive than breast cancer, this is of some concern.

But there is more sweet…

My lung cancer has a mutation.  Apparently there is a new chemo drug that responds well to this strain of lung cancer and …even sweeter…the side effects are minimal.  In fact, rather than losing my hair it actually promotes hair growth.  I admit upon hearing this that I had visions of becoming the bearded-woman with a hairy back, but he quickly clarified it’s actually ‘nice hair growth’ – as in on my head and eyelashes.  Awesome!   A minor bitter is that the more effective the drug response is, the more it’s apt to result in acne but hey, I can live with that.  Perhaps it will make me look younger :-)

Soooo….I’m now awaiting a new oncologist assignment (one that specializes in lung cancer) and expect to proceed with this new treatment over the next couple of weeks.

I can’t begin to tell you how much everyone’s support has meant to me.  Please check into my post “Get in on the power of a few beads”

Carpe Diem, friends!



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  1. Hi Shannon,
    Thanks for the update. Quite a surprise, but really good to know about this potential treatment. As you know, I’ll be in Calgary next week–not long enough for a visit, but I will attempt to check in with you by phone. If you are able to respond, great. if not, do know that I think of you often.



    • debbie zimmel says:

      Just read your bitter sweet blog. Great hair and lashes that would be nice. Shannon, if anyone can get through this it is you. I am so happy you have such a positive attitude, those little pills and your great attitude will go a long way. Remember we are all here for you with lots of love and prayers. Love ya debbie

  2. Judy Glass says:

    Shannon – thank you for setting up this blog to keep us updated about the news – the sweet and the bitter.
    I was delighted to hear about the new treatment.
    We are here to support you and your family.

  3. So good to hear that there is some good sweet news along with the bitter news. The candle burns brightly here for you my friend and I have no doubt that I will have the opportunity to suprise you once again as we all gather to celebrate another one of your survivorship milestones in the furture. Since your email after the 2006 WEBC event in Calgary you have been a huge inspiration in my life and have gotten me through some dark times. Thank you and I HOPE I can repay you with my Thoughts, Love and Prayers. Hugs my friend! Thanks for setting up the blog.

  4. Teresa Fabi says:

    Hi Shannon,
    An amazing blog indeed! Thank you for sharing – one of your many, many gifts. We are very happy to hear there is a new treatment available. Healing prayers sent to you and your family.
    LOVE AND HUGS xoxo

  5. John Gulak says:

    Hi partner – that’s more good news, than bad, if I’m reading it right. If you get that side effect of acne from the chemo, know that you can call me anytime to take you out for an ice cream float and a drive in movie – we can pretend to be young and foolish again! I know you’re thinking I’ve never graduated beyond the foolish stage …

    Take care – I think of you often.


  6. Shannon – Thanks for the update. Keeping you and your family in our prayers and positive thoughts!

  7. Shannon, so happy to hear the “sweet” news. I think of you often. Here’s praying for more sweetness for you.

  8. Shannon, wonderful news, keep your chin up, we all know that you can beat it again. Thinking of ya. Big hugs. You truly are an inspiration.

  9. Cassie Head says:

    Shannon – you are always in our thoughts and prayers. When you get better, (Notice I said WHEN), you will have to come back to Whidbey Island. We will throw a party for you! Hugs – Cassie and Jim

  10. lorraine Schewe says:

    As we digest this latest bittersweet news please know that we will keep you close in heart and our prayers will be for positive outcome. I realize that this is a nother big fight for you but you will conqour it like before. looking forward to seeing you this week-end sometime Love hugs and prayer

  11. Angel rapunzel,

    I love every inch of your site …. I can hear your melodic wisdom in every word. Thank you so very much for shaing your intimate journey with us so that we each can grow individually and come together to support you as a large love circle ….. Love mich

  12. Shannon, you amazing woman! Thank you for keeping us updated with such a beautiful site!
    Your bittersweet news is…bittersweet! Troy and I are wrapping you in our prayers. We love you!

  13. Michelle Richardson says:

    Hello lovely,
    Thanks so much for creating this forum to keep all who know and love you up to date. I know you to be someone who spins silver linings into solid gold and I expect the same result this time. Know that you are in my thoughts and heart always and that my positive, healing energy is aimed squarely in your direction.
    Lots of love & BIG (((hugs))),
    Michelle oxox

  14. Becky Shaw says:

    Shannon — Just when you think you might have figured out what is going on, it all flips upside down and lands in a different place. A little bitter…. but sounds like there is lots of sweet in there to taste as well. And, ahhh, who can appreciate how sweet the sweet is without also tasting the bitter? What a journey! (And thick hair and eyelashes, too? Wow!)

  15. Tracy Kidd says:

    Shannon, please let me know if there is something I can do to help. Need a meal or a child drive, just let me know and it can be arranged. Your attitude and optimism will carry you through this, the friendship and support system that is around you is truely amazing, just as you are as well. Love and light, Tracy

  16. Melody Williamson says:

    Hi Shannon,
    Thank you for sharing your journey and this latest “Bittersweet”. As you know, from the perspective of having been somewhat on “the other side” I acknowledge the bitter but I also truly see a lot of sweet! Not having to focus on the liver as well – absolutely “YEAH!!!!!” Having this new drug for this particular form of lung cancer – MIRACULOUS!!! And, finally, no matter what they say, you will still SHINE simply because you ARE SHANNON!! Like a great pair of panties – I’m behind you all the way!!

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