Bustin’ outta here!

Once again Kayla astounds as she leaves the hospital only 2 days after brain surgery #6!  Rockstar status secured :)

Shannon Duke, Kayla Schewe leaving Alberta Children's Hospital

Kayla lookin’ good & leaving only 2 days after surgery #6.
Note: ACH famous Moooovin’ Out Cow cheering us on.

She is doing really well and it’s SO great to be home.  We were discharged shortly after lunch and even though we arrived home early, soon after walking thru the doors we were both nestled all snug in our beds, while visions of Maui danced in our heads.

Aaah yes, that is our Christmas gift….when Kayla’s surgery was set last fall and her surgeon gave a time frame for post-surgical travel, I booked flights for Kayla, Tyler & I to leave December 23 to Maui.  My best friend from high school, Dawn, lives there. (ASIDE: who was the smart one….I moved to Calgary & she moved to Hawaii?….seriously, Shannon, what were you thinking?!!)

We are SO excited to be spending Christmas holidays with Dawn’s beautiful family & as our kids are all close to the same age, it’s super fun for everyone!  My sis & her husband are flying over on Dec 26, as well as a couple other sets of friends so there will be lots of fun to be had on the beaches.  Kayla the adventurer wants to do paragliding, surfing, scuba diving etc – we’ll see what she actually gets approved for next week at our followup appointment. :) [Read more...]