Carpe Diem! (about this blog)

With my amazing munchkins, Tyler 12 & Kayla 15

Shine on Kayla & Shannon (SOKS)

On Sept 11, 2000 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer…I not only survived but created an incredibly beautiful life for myself & my young family.  So it was with shock & sadness that 12 years later on the same date I discovered that ‘the beast’ has returned in both my lungs and my bones.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there.  Shortly after my diagnosis, my beautiful daughter  Kayla – only 15, was found to have multiple tumors in her brain and proceeded to have SIX brain surgeries over the next 6 months.

The Carpe Diem! blog is my way of sharing our journey with amazing friends, family & supporters.  Prior to finding out about Kayla’s disease, this blog was originally called SOS – Shine on Shannon.  To me it symbolizes so many things:

  1. My desire and drive to Shine On! I refuse to let cancer extinguish my light.
  2. The incredible importance of having our community Shine On us in the darker moments of our journey.
  3. The initials SOS, are a reminder to not become complacent about this gift we’ve been given called life -  to stay awake, to make the most of every day and live from a place of gratitude…regardless of what shows up.

A friend brilliantly added Kayla to the SOS acronym and christened it by sending us beautiful SOcKS to keep up warm.  And please don’t forget sweet Tyler, for cancer impacts the entire family.

Thank you for sharing in our journey…. I don’t know what the future holds but my commitment to myself is that I will traverse the path with a spirit of Carpe Diem all the way!

And I challenge you to do the same….’Seize the day’ and wring every bit of experience out of it.  Carpe Diem, friends!

A dear friend & talented filmmaker, Matt Palmer, has videoed parts of our journey and captured some of it in a 20 minute documentary…”The Gift”….give it a watch.

About Shannon Duke

I'm Shannon Duke and I’ve combined my business skills with the wisdom that literally saved my life and have built a system that redefines success. Today I am passionate about helping you achieve life-fulfilling and life-enhancing success in both your business & personal life. Read My Story


  1. You’re shining brightly honey. It’s an honor to take every step of this journey with you – you embody the gifts of light and love and share your gifts so freely. You’re an inspiration to me and a source of profound wisdom (and of course more fun than a barrel of monkeys!). to us all :)
    Just holler when you need anything! I love you.

  2. Your magnet only draws the most positive of energies — people, healing and love. So honoured to share in your journey. Whatever we can do to support you and your beautiful family let us know.
    Blessings and love.

  3. Lu Kovacs says:

    Shannon, I can’t find words to express how your story and your positive strength has moved me to the very core of my being. My thoughts prayers are going to be with you on your journey. I don’t have to tell you to keep strong and stay positive, you are already there my friend.

  4. Love the beads. Will send two. One from me and one from Paddison… The chemo agent sounds promising .
    Will be keeping you all in our prayers.
    Love. Heather

  5. Hey Doll! You inspire all of us to be the best we can be. I am always in awe of your positive love, strength, power and intuition and am so grateful to journey along with you on this path. You are truly amazingly beautiful inside and out my friend. Healing prayers sent always to you and your family. We are here for you! LOVE and LIGHT xoxo

  6. Kim Johnston says:

    #39 Bucket List – Shannon is an inspiration to many women, helping them find their own light and belief that anything is possible. She helped me realize I have a choice on what perspective I take when I look at any challenges in my life. Although I have not met Kayla, it does not surprise me that she too has such a bright and positive outlook. If you know either of these ladies you cannot help but to be inspired and awed. They don’t just say Carpe diem, they live & breath it and focus on the positive and the beauty that can be found every day. They have a wish to meet Oprah Winfrey; I think Oprah will be inspired and gain more from meeting them!

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