Second Surgery Complete

Kayla is in ICU tonight, bright, alert and beautiful, holding hands with her boyfriend and asking for a Coke (of course she can’t have one!). Surgery went well today, longer than anticipated, but Kayla has responded well and is recovering nicely. Her pain is under control.

When Shannon and Kayla arrived this morning at Children’s Hospital, there was already a string of greetings and well wishes from the SOKS team! What a great way to start the procedure and they both want to thank all of you for your kindnesses. As well, Shannon had a good meal tonight and has a more comfortable bed to sleep on, beside Kayla in ICU.

All in all, today went as well as it could have gone and that counts as a big success.

(Shannon via Becky Shaw)


  1. JohnReadwin says:

    Our dearest Kayla,
    As I thought about you in surgery today(yesterday) wishing there was more we could do I decided to simply meditate and send you our love and prayers that best I could.
    I would like to share with you my meditation/prayer experience.
    I saw in my minds eye your beauty, your wonderful smile and your heart warming laugh; as I focused my love I visualized beautiful white loving light being drawn into me with every breath in and then sent out to you in wisps of light which wrapped around you enveloping you in cocoon of love and warmth, as I was envisioning this I also saw many other strands of white light wrapping around you as well, and not only you but your mom , Ty , the surgeon and staff. I can only imagine I was thinking of the many people who love and care about you sending their prayers and thoughts of wellbeing.

    As I focused on this, I began having a feeling of great gratitude and tears started to well in my eyes. I realized just how grateful I was for having you (and your Mom and Ty) in our lives. So on a day that started out with fear for you (cuz hey nothing say “sucky day” like having brain surgery!), has transformed to overwhelming day of love and gratitude. As this love and gratitude washed over me I had a knowing in my heart, a knowing that you will make it through all this. So I wanted to say thank you for bringing such a great feeling of gratitude and love into our lives., this day and always.
    all our love
    Uncle Foz & Auntie E

    “Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious ( proverb)”

  2. Our family was praying for all of you, especially Kayla and the surgeons yesterday, through Kayla’s operation. We will continue to lift all of you up in our hearts and prayers. So glad to know that all was success yesterday. I’m trying to find the contact information for Cindy Winther (I know I read it here on this site yesterday but can’t find it today) because Tyler’s hockey team has put together some care items and would like to coordinate that with Cindy. If anyone has a moment, I would greatly appreciate her contact info. Thanks so much.
    Love and Prayers, Melody

  3. Dear Kayla and Shannon – wishing you a swift recovery, and sending you love and prayers for healing and peace.

  4. Cassie Head says:

    Dear Kayla and Shannon: We are so glad it went well, and cheers to making a speedy recovery. You both have lots of prayers and healing thoughts coming your way from Washington State. (We have been sharing your story and asking for prayers.) Lots of love and hope – Cassie and the Washington crew

  5. FairyNatalie says:

    *MWAH!* Big kiss to you, Kayla, Shannon and Tyler.

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