Welcome to 365 new Packages of Possibility!

I love New Years … Such a powerful time of both reflection and looking forward!

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

It has been an incredible year for me – my health, my relationships & my business are all flourishing and I’m looking forward to some exciting new things in 2012.

I always make the time to answer some key questions that put me in a mindset of creating possibilities & setting powerful intentions for the upcoming year. I look back for things I’ve learned, events I want to celebrate and insights that will help me continue to grow.

Then I look ahead.

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Ready to launch…

Shooting Video for my new WebsiteWhen I set out to relaunch my website, I never would have envisioned all that was involved. Here’s a photo we took of me shooting the video for my new website (right).

It has been such an interesting journey as I used it as an opportunity to be intentional about what I wish to bring to this world. My programs and offerings, who I love to work with, my messaging …

The process anchored a few critical practices that over time I have implemented in my life and in my work:

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“What are you doing in the magazine, Mom?!”

Readers Digest Best Health MagazineWhat an honor to have my story profiled in the November issue of Readers Digest Best Health magazine. My 11 year old son, Tyler, always thinks it’s bizarre to see his mom in print … he had the cutest look of surprise when he opened the magazine up.

As he was only 3 months old when I was diagnosed with cancer, it’s difficult for him to remember a time when I wasn’t healthy. And yet it’s a very strong memory for me – and a powerful reminder on the importance of staying focused on living a healthy, more balanced life.

Frankly, I used to be a work addict – I was so focused on my career that the other aspects of my life were completely out of whack. One of the unexpected gifts of cancer was refocusing on what’s important.

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Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

I can’t believe Steve Jobs is gone.

I sit in shock – he is one of the icons that shaped me professionally. And as a recovering geek, his creations are an integral part of my daily life – my Mac, my iPhone. I love them.

Here is a man that truly left a legacy – he lived by what he believed and pushed the envelope to create and live a life he truly loved. Oh yes, he is also known for his eccentrics and challenging ways of dealing with people … and that makes him all the more human in my eyes.

I can so relate to is his cancer journey – to be diagnosed at such a young age. Yet he didn’t allow it to bowl him over. In fact he used it as an impetus to live larger.

I love this quote from his address at Stanford:

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