News from Kayla’s surgery

(Shannon via  Becky Shaw)

Shannon called tonight from the hospital and said Kayla’s surgery today went great.  Yay!  Five hours long!

Tonight, Kayla is lucid, coherent, speaks well, is following all instructions and is recovering well. Her pain is under control.  She will be in ICU for 24 hours, then hopefully will be moved to General Recovery sometime tomorrow to continue to recover.

The experience at ACH has been incredible and Kayla has been treated with such wise & loving care.  One of their services is that you can send egreetings to her (Kayla Schewe) – please consider dropping her a quick message. They are printed out in a lovely format & delivered to her room.

Shannon is very grateful for the amazing Dr. Clare Gallagher who, she says, was wonderful today.  She also would like everyone to know how much she appreciates all the love and prayers that have come to her family.  Thank you!

We will keep you posted.

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  1. Melody Williamson says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Kayla, Shannon, and Tyler – we are ecstatic at this news!!!!! Michelle created a perfectly intentioned space and Cindy led our yoga circle in a prayer that expressed so clearly what all of us were hoping for and continue to hope for for all of you – especially you, Kayla!! And our prayers were answered!!! BIG HUGS all around!!!!
    Carpe Diem!!!

  2. Carolyn Robin says:

    Wonderful news. Lots of love and prayers going to all of you.
    We are thinking of you Kayla and look forward to seeing you come through strong and healthy.
    Hope you love your braclet!
    Love Carolyn, Alistair and Aleia

  3. It’s true – our prayers have been answered. Kayla is doing remarkably well – is way ahead of schedule – and amazes all. Keep praying – a few more health challenges to go for her and mom. But a shift has definitely happened and all is taking a positive turn.

  4. Mark Bowman says:

    Wow, I think all of you are Rock Stars – more prayers going your way!

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