Meet Lady Deadpool – Cancer Assassin!


Kayla’s Lady Deadpool radiation mask

Kayla started the next phase of her cancer journey with the addition of Radiation Therapy (RT) and chemotherapy (Temozolomide) this Wed 23rd.  The first couple days were a bit rocky with nausea, fatigue and vomiting but we’ve been adjusting the protocol with some heavy duty anti-nausea drugs and it seemed to go better yesterday.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post (A peek behind the mask), Kayla was given the option to have her mask decorated.  She chose one of the X-Men characters, Lady Deadpool.  I didn’t have a clue who this was so I did a little research and was amazed at what a powerful character she chose.

Lady Deadpool has many special powers with the most intriguing to me being:

  • Regenerative Healing Factor She possesses a superhuman healing factor that allows her to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue
  • Superhuman Stamina She has superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities.
  • Disease Immunity Her unique regenerative qualities also extends to her Immune System, rendering her immune to the effects of all known diseases and infections.

WOW! While I was looking up pretty Mardi Gras designs, Kayla was connecting to this Superpower – Ya Baby!

Kayla's daily 4:12 RT ritual

Kayla’s daily 4:12 RT ritual

So RT & Chemo are now part of Kayla’s daily regime for the next 6 weeks.   As there is a cumulative effect it means the side effects get more pronounced over time – not an easy journey.

Every day at 4:12 when she goes in for her treatment, please send a little extra power to our Lady Deadpool.

Carpe Diem!

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  1. Cindy Winther says:

    AWESOME choice Kayla. One day at a time – always sending some extra healing powers your way.
    Lots of love

  2. The mask has Hanna’s (age 7) approval! “Cool!” she said. Sending love, extra prayers and superpowers from the soul. Love, Paula

  3. Melody Williamson says:

    Lady Deadpool Rocks! You continue to amaze me, Kayla!! That Alternative Mind of yours runs very deep for a 15 year old!! I’m soooooo glad you and your mom made it to Oprah!! My sister and I ended up there, too!! All I could think of was, “Has Oprah been on a mind link with Shannon and Kayla and Michelle C”? Everything she said resonated with the way you live your lives!! It just felt like she knew that both of you are not only incredible people, but also incredible leaders that have a unique and great purpose for being here!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, YOU!!!
    PS Glad they have helped to relieve some of the nausea – I know how awful that can be:( :)

  4. May God’s mighty power combine with your strength, tenacity, faith and courage Kayla (aka: Lady Deadpool)
    I continue to pray everyday , many times a day for you, your mom and Tyler too. You are amazing!!!!

  5. Cindy Schaber says:

    Lady Deadpool you are a strong and amazing woman. I will continue to channel strength to you and prayers daily to heal your tissues to a stronger more amazing young woman than you already are. SO happy for you both to see Miss O! Your choice is perfect, just as you are! Love and Strength and Light to you and your beautiful Mom. Strong and Courageous you continue to be. XO

  6. FairyNatalie says:

    Shannon, thank you for the updates. Lady Deadpool, you ROCK!
    And Melody, you hit the nail on the head.
    with love, Natalie

  7. Michelle Richardson says:

    Of course you won the tickets… so happy for you both! Your example is an inspiration for us all… although I think Lady AssasinS is more apropos. You are both amazing, odds-defying people… I send healing energy your way every day… now I will do it at 4:12 Mountain Time as well. Much love to you all. xoxoxo

  8. The Stepan's says:

    Stay strong like Lady Deadpool & fight like those who like to rock! Keep your head held high as you continue your stance & rejuvenate yourself in the quest to convert to all healthy cells. Your tenacity is awesome & we are all here cheering for both you & your Mom as you continue on your crusade. You are both in our daily prayers.

  9. Dear Kayla,
    Every single weekday at 4:12 …. I shall be wrapping you with the Divine Light Invocation This is the most healing gift that I know of …. so it feels like the very best I can offer you from afar !!
    Love, Michelle
    At 4:12 I will Affirm
    I am created by Divine Light
    I am sustained by Divine Light
    I am protected by Divine Light
    I am surrounded by Divine Light
    I am ever growing into Divine Light
    Keeping my eyes closed I will see myself standing in a shower of brilliant white light, pouring down upon me …. flowing through my body from the top of my head …. letting the light fill my entire being. I will see the light pouring down upon me, flowing into my body through the top of my head
    I will Affirm
    I am created by Divine Light
    I am sustained by Divine Light
    I am protected by Divine Light
    I am surrounded by Divine Light
    I am ever growing into Divine Light
    As I concentrate on feeling a warm glow of light suffuse my entire body, outside as well as inside I will
    Every cell of this, my physical body,
    Is filled with Divine Light
    Every level of consciousness
    Is illumined with Divine Light
    Divine Light penetrates every single cell of my being,
    Every level of consciousness
    I have become a channel of pure light
    I am one with the light

    When I am completely filled with light I will share this gift with you …. I will visualize you standing before me …Mentally I will open the doors of my heart center and let the light stream forth toward your feet . I will see the light encircling you and spiraling you upward in a clockwise direction, enveloping your body completely.

    I will see the spiral moving high up into the sky, taking you along with it. Finally you will merge into the source of the light and becomes one with the light.


  10. Will be sending my positive thoughts your way Kayla -

  11. doug merrill says:

    I sit transfixed on the picture of dear Kayla in her mask…at rest under the massive arm of the machine …developed by brilliant and dedicated doctors and scientists to do battle against the cancer within her…and I am thankful. I am thankful that we have been given natural resources to produce such a machine. I am thankful that we live among people who, through their intelligence and hard work…have developed this machine . But mostly, I am thankful for Shannon and Kayla’s decision to share with us this journey and in the face of such daily chalenges and fears….to comfort us….with their faith and hope and love for each other and for us. May God bless our beautiful friends …as they cotinue to bless us

  12. Jill Sodero says:

    You kick ass in that mask, Kayla :)! (Don’t tell your mom I said that……) lol
    At 4:12 each day, may love and light permeate and rejuvenate every cell and atom of your glorious body and fill your heart with oneness. My prayers will be part of the many whose unity consciousness brings the healing of the universe to one point – you :). And you, beautiful Shannon.
    You are both amazing!

  13. Kayla, you are my super hero with remarkable super powers. May your powers bring you strength and peace at 4:12p each and every day. Love to you always.

  14. Sam Bryden says:

    Love the mask. Very fitting. You are kickin that cancer to the curb!

  15. Kayla you are amazing. Love and light all the way baby. Take that darkness and make it good. Love you xoxox Natalie

  16. Diana Izzotti says:

    Awesome choice Kayla! Praying that 4:12 is the time of day when you go on a mini vacation to your special peaceful place while Lady Deadpool takes care of all the other stuff.
    Shannon – have you posted your bucket list on here yet? I’d love to see what else is one there now that Oprah is ticked off. You never know the contacts/resources your other buddies might have that they can make available to you.
    Love and hugs to you all, Diana xxx

  17. Kayla you continue to amaze me with your grace and wisdom – Lady Deadpool sounds like the perfect choice! We are sending love your way every day at 4:12 and know that Lady Deadpool will use her super powers to help you through these next weeks. Hang in there!!

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