Kayla’s Pathology Results

SOKS…”Shine on Kayla & Shannon”
A dear friend & fellow-acronym-obsessed ex-Microsoft colleague suggested updating SOS to SOKS.
She sent us a delightful care package containing these beautiful, warm, cozy socks to illustrate.
I want to thank all of you for your loving notes, gifts, flowers, food, prayers and kind gestures. They keep us going thru these incredibly tumultuous times.

We just returned from meeting with Kayla’s neurosurgeon and it feels like we’ve been hit by a train.

No sugar coating. Brain tumors are graded from 1 – 4, with 4 being the most aggressive.  Kayla’s tumor is in the 4 range.

This was shocking for the doctors too, for they originally indicated that a tumor of this size (7 cm) had to be slow growing in order for it to have had no impact on her learning abilities  (quite frankly, she’s always been a bit of a brainiac) or lifestyle (no seizures or headaches until last month).  Plus, the biopsy performed mid-surgery came in as a low grade 1.    No one was prepared for this news as we sat in that waiting room.

We knew from the previous MRI that there is another smaller lesion?/spot?/tumor? on the other side of her brain.  They had previously dismissed it as minor but now that they understand what type of tumor they are dealing with they feel it’s important to get it out.  Thus, Kayla will undergo an additional surgery next Wed to remove and biopsy that tumor.

All future treatment decisions will be made as a result of the biopsy from that surgery.  Regardless of the findings, this is the beginning of a very long road for us – chemo and radiation will follow.  We have our initial meeting with the oncologist on Monday.

I have little else to say right now except to please pray for us all.  Thank you.



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  1. Shannon, as a mother, I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. A painful experience for anyone. I continue to pray for you, Kayla and Tyler. I pray that your health will be restored. Hugs to you all!

  2. Shannon,
    Words cannot express my feelings as I read your update. I will keep positive thoughts and pray for continued miracles to be sent your way.

  3. oh, Shannon, how my heart aches for you! All of my heartfelt prayers will never be enough, but I know that there are no shortage of well wishes and prayers out there for you, Kayla and Tyler. Metta being said continuously. Much love, ~Lonnie

  4. Honey, words can’t even begin to describe the pain I feel for you and your beautiful family. But know for certain, that I pray morning and night for you and Kayla, and I will never allow you to go through this alone. I love you.

  5. Shannon,
    Mike and I are so sad to learn about this latest news. Our hearts are paining for you, Kayla and Tyler during this indescribably difficult time. Please know that you are all in my daily prayers. Kayla, like you, is a strong young lady. Don’t know what else to say…no words can make this better.
    Sending hugs.

  6. Diana Izzotti says:

    Dear Shannon, Kayla, and Tyler,
    I am amazed at your grace. Thank you for sharing your news – heart wrenching as it is. We can now direct our prayers and white light directly at that spot. I know everyone that knows you is sending you tons of love and strength. You’re all in my prayers, Diana xx

  7. Judy Glass says:

    Dear Dear Shannon – words are not enough. My prayers, love and thoughts are surrounding you and Kayla and Tyler.

  8. Dearest Shannon and Kayla,
    My heart is wide open as I read these words. To be honest, it feels so unfair. I’m sending you love, prayers and sparkling light that renews you. The army of angels continues to be there for you all through the morning and night. Just know that. Believe that. You are not alone. xo

  9. Carmen Olson says:

    With my whole heart I’m sending you, Kayla and Tyler light and love beyond measure. You all are in my prayers.

  10. Dear Shannon, Kayla and Tyler,
    Lord will you be with this precious family. May they rest in you, knowing that you will never leave nor forsake them. Fill them with your perfect peace as they trust you with all their hearts, leaning not on their own understanding: as they acknowledge you and your sovereignty, make their path straight. Have your healing hand on both Shannon and Kayla. Lord with you nothing is impossible. Be their seal and shield and strong tower that they run to and are safe.
    I will continue to pray and lift you up to God’s throne of grace.
    Love in Christ,
    Mary Lou

  11. Dear Shannon and Kayla
    We are keeping you constantly in our thoughts and prayers. May you find strength and be lifted up by the prayers and good wishes of those who care for you.

  12. My dear, dear friend,
    My mother’s heart is breaking and we continue to lift you all up in prayer. You are not alone!

  13. Dear Shannon, Kayla and Tyler…..there are no words to describe the pain of this news. Loving, healing prayers are sent to all of you at this time and please know you are not alone. God Bless xo

  14. Oh Shannon, our hearts break for you, Kayla, Tyler and your family. Yet I know that the angels are watching over you and your guardians will give you strength and love to support you on this painful journey. We send our ongoing prayers and love for Kayla’s journey ahead as well as yours and Tyler’s. We are here if you need anything, anytime…. Blessings

  15. I’m dumbstruck. I felt that part of the road was over. I just took it as done. I’m so sorry that this road goes further on…… we will continue flowing our prayers and strength and deep well of calm toward your home and to all of you, to the best of our ability-
    All our Love, Huge long gentle embracing, buoying hugs.
    Jen, Ahmi, Anika Mack

  16. Colleen Rousch (aka Blueladybug) says:

    Dear Shannon, Oh, dear heart, you and Kayla and Tyler are in my prayers and in my heart. My deepest thoughts of wellbeing are being sent 24/7 to all of you………….With Love, Colleen

  17. debbie zimmel says:

    Shannon, Kayla and Tyler no words can express how my heart aches for you. I can’t imagine how hard and emotional this is for you and your family. Our only wish as parents is for our children to be happy and healthy. May you get strength from God, family, friends and prayer. Sent with all my support, love and lots
    of hugs. If I can do anything just ask. debbie xoxoxooxoxox

  18. susan palmer says:

    Dear Shannon,
    A friend posted this on fb and I thought it was so beautiful and wanted to share it with you, Kayla and Ty

    ““When despair for the world grows in me
    and I wake in the night at the least sound in fear
    of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
    I go and lie down where the wood drake rests
    in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
    I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax
    their lives with forethought of grief.
    I come into the presence of still water.
    And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light.
    For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.”
    ~ Wendell Berry

    love sue

  19. Omfg!!!! No worries baby. I’m on the highway to heaven prayer network and we will all pray and send such energy that your feet won’t be able to touch the FLOOR!!!!
    F those f ing mutations.
    You’ve always been a go girl and you can step back and let us be the go go girls !!!!
    Love you to bits!!!!

  20. R-den & Kelby says:

    Kelby and I are praying for you everyday. Remember that the love being sent to you from your amazing arena of supporters is not only awe-inspiring; it has the power to heal. I can already picture the book that you, Kayla and Gabor will write together on the healing power of love!
    Huge love,
    La señora r-den & señorita kelbolita

  21. Sam Bryden says:

    Like I said before, Kayla appears to be just like you. Enough strength and determination to change the world. If anyone can do it she is the gal. All positive thoughts and energy being sent your way.
    xoox Sam

  22. Linda Charlton says:

    Oh Shannon my strength and heart goes out to you and your family. I’m simply going to say this: “I’ll see all of you next summer, dockside.” Be there. Love, Linda

  23. Rebecca Willson says:

    “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” Romans 8:26
    I’m so glad we don’t need words to send up prayers for you.

  24. My heart is with you and your family. Sending big prayers!!

  25. Laurie Rabatich says:

    Shannon,Kayla & Tyler,
    Know that you will be prayed for each & every day. May the surgeon be guided by the Divine as you face this new challenge.
    You cotinue to amaze us with your grace & courage, it is a gift to all who know you.

  26. Saying prayers for cures. Love and blessings from our home to yours.
    Mikhal and Jake

  27. Heather Knoll says:

    You continue to handle these obstacles with such grace. You truly are a remarkable family which is reflective in the network of thousands who are sending their loving and healing energy your way. There is so much love out here for you, I hope you are able to draw on that when you are in your darkest moments.

  28. Mary Carol Melton says:

    Shannon-my thoughts and prayers are with you, Kayla and your family. Although we have not met, our mutual friend Diane ‘introduced’ us. I just wanted you to know there are many people you may not even have met yet that are praying for all of you.

    Mary Carol

  29. The Stepan's says:

    It takes a lot of courage & strength to share this most painful news. Our family is numb and shocked that so much could be happening to one family in such a short time period. We have and will continue to pray for you, Kayla and Tyler. Blessings & Peace be with you all.

  30. Margaret Scobie says:

    I am so sorry about this bad news, I am with you every step of the way and sending good energy to you and your family.

  31. Angels Shannon & Kayla,

    I have sat with your news the past few days and felt a kaleidoscope of emotion. As Paul and I have lingered by the fire this afternoon, he shared with me his feelings about your current journey. He spoke about your unwavering commitment to live each day fully. He said that we could be sad … or we could wake up each morning and say “Well, Shannon and Kayla are waking up this morning with a strong sense of living this day fully. Let’s do the same”. He truly feels that by allowing the pebble you are throwing into the pond of life to ripple outward, allowing each and every one of us to live more fully … then this will be a beautiful way to honor the journey the 2 of your are travelling.

    So, here in the Crawford house, we thank-you for teaching us to seize the day and hold you in love each moment.

    Love, M & P

    • This is news that I was not expecting. I know absolutely that you and Kayla will beat this, but the days of enduring the treatment and stress are unimaginable. I am praying for you now and will continue to pray morning, noon and night. This is not fair and my tears are filling up my room. May your faith and unending spirit carry you through.

  32. Michelle, Dan & Talia Richardson says:

    Shannon, Kayla & Tyler,
    There truly are no words, only assurances… that you are loved, you are powerful, you have an immense support network, you are inspiring, and that healing energy surrounds you. You are in our thoughts several times daily… we have faith that you will get through this together and are directing our energy toward that outcome. Wrapping you all in love and (((hugs))). The Richardsons

  33. Dearest Shannon
    My heat aches thinking of what you and your beautiful children are going through. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are such a strong and inspirational angel that we all have so much to learn from. Let love,courage and strength be with you every step of the way!

  34. Cassie Head says:

    Dear Shannon abd Kayla: We are all praying here for you – our thoughts are with you always. Sending as many good wishes your way as we can, and hoping that both of you have complete recoveries. Lots of hugs sent to all of you. Love, Cassie

  35. Brenda, Rachel, Matthew and Glenn says:

    My dear Shannon and Kayla!! Sheesh, your latest news is gut and heart wrenching!!! Both your courage and strength is amazing!!!! You will most certainly be the highlight of our prayers! With continued love and support!!!

  36. claudia black says:

    We are coming up Christmas Eve and my heart reaches out to you, Kayla, Tyler, Shannon and Mark…..you have touched the lives of so many with your wondrous spirits, may you feel the love that surrounds you…. Claudia Black…..

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