Kayla takes on El Savador…. Again!

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Me playing with some beautiful local children.

Hi everyone, Kayla here. Its been about a year since I went to El Salvador on an incredible give-back trip.  I loved it so much, I’m going back again and need your support (donation details at the bottom)

I honestly can’t describe how amazing it was to see the joy on peoples faces as they watch their houses being built with the help of their neighbors and our small group of teens. We built SIX  houses despite the sweltering heat and during the key ceremony (a ceremony in which the family is given the keys to the house) it was touching to see how much a secure and proper house meant to them. Something that has really stayed with me since then was how happy they were with so little and how much a house with a lock on it meant to them. It meant  safety & security, proper shelter from the elements and peace of mind. It was so heartwarming to see what a difference I could make in someone’s life.

I’m going on the trip once again this year and I would ask that you help me get there. I am starting a little late on my fundraising this year so I hope that with your help I can reach my goal and even surpass it.

Last years trip was a bit of a challenge for me as I was 3 months out of my last brain surgery. I became fatigued faster than I would’ve liked but I persevered and it meant so much.  I’m determined to make this trip the best trip ever (it is also the last year I can go so I am determined to make it good!!) :)
Kids Cancer Care (KCC) runs a Teen Leadership Program for kids with cancer & their siblings. This trip is part of our leadership infinitive.  They really supported me throughout my cancer journey. I went to their Camp Kindle the summer after I was diagnosed and it really helped me feel better about the whole situation. I realized that I wasn’t alone in my cancer journey, which wasn’t something that I had felt up until that point.  My goal this summer is to work as a counselor at Camp Kindle to help support kids…I know how much of  a difference it made for me.

They have so many amazing programs to support families dealing with cancer -  I was also a part of their High Hopes Challenge as a kid coach for an executive, I spoke at their Dad & Daughter gala and have done lots of volunteering with them at ACH.  They are the #1 organization that has helped me & my family on my  challenging cancer journey – I am so grateful to them.

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One of the amazing gifts of this initiative is how it brings the whole community together. Locals must participate in building the houses for themselves & their neighbors. What little they have, they share – unbelievably heartwarming!

If you want to learn more about the trip I’m doing follow this link to the website of Shelter Canada (the organization we are pairing up with for this trip) and watch the video there. http://sheltercanada.ca/

How can you help?

This trip will be funded by donations. Please donate so that I can once again give back in my own way and help those less fortunate than us in the first world. I need $1,500 minimum to go on the trip – any extra will go towards building supplies.

If you would like to donate please follow this Donation Link: https://secure.csfm.com/kidscancer/mexico_home/home/profile.php?participant_id=459466891380910262

Thank you so much for your support!

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  1. The apples don’t fall far from the tree. Have a wonderful time, Kayla! Keep shining :-) happy to contribute a little towards a great cause.

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