Grit, Grace & a whole lot of Heart!

Kayla on KCC Cover

Beautiful Cover Girl! Kids Cancer Care newsletter

Day 4 post-surgery….May long weekend…and we’re still in the hospital.   The strain(s) of infection in Kayla’s head – “bugs” as they are referred to at ACH – have still not been identified.

We now have a whole new set of doctors on our team from Infectious diseases.  My ever-expanding medical vocabulary is now rich with terms for many types of infections and corresponding antibiotics…myacins & coccus’s & cephalosporins…  Ugh, It must be obvious that my eyes are glazing over with their jargon-rich updates – perhaps that’s why they talk to me about “bugs” & refer to the antibiotic combination as a “cocktail”.  Now that I can understand :-)

They hope to have definitively identified the ‘bugs’ by early next week.  The plan is to then prescribe multiple IV antibiotics – a ‘cocktail’ - that we can administer daily at home for approximately 6 weeks, through a PICC line (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) in her upper arm.  A long road ahead but Home IV vs Hospital treatment means life will go on as normal as possible for our brave, young heroine.

The dynamic "GirlPower" duo of Kayla & Carol Oxtaby, leading the charge in fundraising efforts for KCC.

“GirlPower” : leading the charge in fundraising for KCC’s High Hopes Challenge

And oh how she bravely marches on.  The day of her surgery she was up at 5:55 am to make an appearance on The Breakfast Show to promote her role with the Kids Cancer Care Foundation (KCC).–may-15th/

Later that morning, just minutes before she went into the OR, her questions to the surgical team included concerns about whether the procedures would limit her ability to participate in the KCC High Hopes Challenge.   This kid’s heart & determination are as big as the ocean.

Kayla’s very proud to have been selected for this role with KCC to raise money & awareness for Camp Kindle.  The Dynamic Duo of her & the amazing Carol Oxtaby, CEO of Heritage Pointe Properties, have fallen in love with each other and are taking their challenge very seriously.  It’s amazing to me how Kayla can go thru brain surgery and still be able to stay focused on so many other important heart matters, too. We’re so excited to watch them in action at Camp Kindle on June 15 High Hopes Challenge promo

Carpe Diem, sweet Kayla.  I know how challenging this journey is and yet you inspire us all with your grit, grace & heart!

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  1. Well I know more about “cocktails” than I do about “bugs”, but the one thing I do know about bugs is that they can be squished!!!! We think of all three of you daily. To next week, and the “cocktail”!

  2. Shannon & Kayla

    You are both in my prayers!

    You are an amazing person!! I don’t think there is another girl that would still think of others if they were faced with your situation!! Yet here you are–0you really are an inspiration!! Keep up the great thoughts for others as it will work for you!!!!!
    Its your Mother’s philosophy, and she is soooo great!

    Love you both & Tyler too


  3. Diana Izzotti says:

    Thanks for the update Shannon. Directed prayer is powerful prayer- and there is an abundance headed your way. Kayla really is an inspiration! xx

    • debbie zimmel says:

      Shannon, Kayla and Ty: My thoughts and prayers are with you. What amazes me most is when we get these updates, Kayla you are always smiling. I have no idea how you do it. God most have assigned a special angel to you. Your will power and positive attitude always amaze and inspire me. Lots of love and hugs. debbie

  4. Kayla, you make the world a better place by opening your heart and setting an incredible example for all of us to aspire to. Your light is very bright!
    Sending you and your family armloads of love and hugs.

  5. michelle says:

    Beautiful Angel Kayla,

    What a vivacious smile you have …. I have copy of the Kids Cancer Care newsletter with your light shining on the front cover and as it sits on my dresser it makes me feels so awesome each time I pass by and see you. I am very thankful that your infection is such that it can be treated with antibiotics …. and that those antibiotics will be delivered at home.

    May your journey be blessed with soooo much peace sweet friend.

    Love, M xoxo

  6. Paulette says:

    Sweet Warrior Princess,
    FAITH, COURAGE, WISDOM, STRENGTH AND HOPE are only a few of your many, many attributes.
    You are an amazing girl and I am wrapping you and your precious family in white light and sending you all my love and prayers.

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