Get in on the power of a few beads…

Be sure your bead is included in this beautiful love gift!

Tonite on the eve of my biopsy results, my dear friends Cindy & Leslie brought over a gift to support me through my oncology appointment.

Over the past few weeks, Cindy has been collecting beads from many friends.  These are prayer beads/charms of every varietal infused with love, prayers, intentions and beautiful wishes of hope & healing.  Accompanying each bead is a note from every loving soul, sharing their heartfelt prayers for me.  I hope you’re included in this amazing love gift – here’s how:

Simply send any bead/charm with a wee note to:

Cindy Winther
105 Pinnacle Ridge Place
Calgary, AB. T3Z 3N8 
(403) 249-8900

Leslie lovingly spent hours stringing these into a necklace & bracelet for me and I must say they couldn’t be more beautiful. And the notes will be scrapbooked into a book as a fabulous reminder of all the love, prayers & support that surround me during this sometimes difficult journey.

THANK YOU to those of you that so lovingly contributed – as I hold each bead I can feel the loving energy that surrounds me.  As I read your words, I am so moved by how supported I am.

If you haven’t sent one in, I sincerely hope you will consider forwarding your bead, love & prayers to add to future iterations of my prayer necklace/bracelet.  It means a lot to me.

With SO much gratitude!    Carpe Portamus Pater….Seize the bead :-)

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  1. We’re over 70 beads now and they are coming in daily. They truly lift her up and keep her surrounded in the love and support from so many friends. Thank you.

    As you can see – a “bead” is anything that you feel has significance, and one that is infused with prayers of healing for Shannon.

  2. Doreen Grey says:

    What a beautiful set of beads – all different and such an encouragement. Thank you for doing this for our friend.

  3. The prayer necklace continues to grow! Beads are coming in daily and we’ll keep adding to the necklace every few weeks. Thank you so much for your contributions – they are truly beautiful and blessed.

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