Superheroes Catwoman & Zorro outwit Cancer!

Superheroes Catwoman & Zorro outwit Cancer!


Lady Deadpool (aka the amazing Kayla Schewe) has completed her 6 week Radiation/Chemotherapy assignment with flying colors. Yahoo!!!

Over this past 6 weeks, we tried to make it a little more fun and had a ‘dress up day’ once a week.  This covered everything from Pajama Day, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian Day to Spandex (ya, I wisely had another friend drive her that day :0)

When we were musing about what to do for a finale, we thought it seemed fitting to bring in some support for Lady Deadpool and dress as Superheroes.  Soooo, Zorro and Catwoman showed up for the finale to break Lady Deadpool outta this joint. :)

The team at the Radiation Unit have come to expect our antics – their smiling response when we showed up was to scold us for not telling them in advance so they could have joined us in costume.  Hats off to all of the amazing peeps at TBCC RT dept – Dr. Nordal, Rebecca and the entire team were amazing.   THANK YOU….you made every day of a challenging experience just a little brighter with your warm smiles and kind hearts.  You are all superheroes to us, even without the costumes. :)

So ends another leg of our journey.   And now for a wee celebration.  A beautiful friend has given us her home in Mexico for a week so we will journey there the end of March for some warm sunshine and to take in some healing energy at Chitzen Itza.  So grateful!

Breaking Free...

Breaking Free…

A couple years ago I sent this picture – “Freedom” – to one of my clients. Serendipitously just last week I received it back from her with the note “You remind me literally of my favorite picture that you sent me – the person breaking free of its stone prison (cancer) and dancing with delight and joy and lightness of being.”

I love the imagery.  I do feel like that was one of the gifts of my cancer 12 years ago….it freed me out of my boxed-in life and taught me how to truly live.  To experience the gifts of Carpe Diem – to seize each and every day – no matter what life throws in your path.

One of my greatest teachers, Debbie Ford, passed away from cancer last week  – RIP, wise one.  This beautiful poem opens her book, “Courage”.

it’s a sign of healing
to be feeling again

the real breakthrough
can only arise
from heartbreak

that which ails
reminding us
that’s it’s always about beginning
and then beginning again . . .

is the making
of me
and we will walk courageously
into daybreak
from the night
shining our light

- Nancy Levin

Cheers to Freedom & Carpe Diem!

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  1. Natalie says:

    Huge smiles here :-)
    You have a wonderful way with words, and you and Kayla have a spirit that inspires
    me and others to be our best.
    Enjoy your vacation. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

  2. Cindy Schaber says:

    Such a wonderful update. The 2 courageous women have completed another phase on this journey. You continue to be exemplary examples of Carpe Diem! Continue to visualize that wonderful freedom and I will continue to send love, light and prayers to you both.
    Cindy and David

  3. Carpe Diem in Costumes – always the best!! You so know how to do it up right – and, ironically, you dress up but wear no masks. So real and so inspiring!! I agree, no one deserves this trip more than all of you!!! Every moment of healing and joy and being that you experience will also bring joy to everyone who knows and loves you!! Kayla you have done at 15 what most adults have never had to do and you do it with such grace, humor, and authenticity – Brava!! Brava to you Shannon! And Bravo to you Tyler – this is a family affair and you have all worked together to get to this point in the journey!
    Carpe Diem!

  4. Hi Shannon,
    Great news, great photo. I’ll be in Mexico myself beginning next weekend, leading an ayahuasca healing retreat. I’ll be thinking of you. and Kayla.

    All best,


  5. So positive, so inspiring! I feel truly blessed to know you and follow your journey! Have a wonderful time in Mexico!! Onward and upward!! Xoxoxoxox

  6. May the warm sun and sandy beaches and gentle ocean breezes, heal and nourish you all!! Jill M in manzanillo!!

  7. michelle says:

    Oh Angels …. I don’t know how you do it …. It strikes me as so pure and real and very unique that you are able and willing to bring so much celebration into every aspect of life …. no matter what unexpected obstacles arise. I was feeling recently that a little more courage was bubbling up inside of me… a little more willingness to try new things and embrace new adventures. I look at this picture with a mixture of deep awe, great respect and a recognition that I have much to learn about what true courage means. I said to you in September Shannon that as I was embarking upon this journey beside you I would be going to school. Well, a great teacher you are !! I am learning so much …. and I truly cannot be more delighted to see you two buddha-twins completing this part of your treatment paths and embracing these moments of freedom with arms outstretched. Today I will be keeping this picture in my mind’s eye as an inspiration for truly living fully.
    Love to you both xoxo Always and Forever ….

  8. Michelle Richardson says:

    You never cease to amaze me, my friend… and it appears your daughter (and, I have no doubt, your son) are following closely in your footsteps and example, I am SO happy to hear that this phase is complete and that you are taking some time away together to relax in the sun. ENJOY! Much love and many (((BIG HUGS))). M, D, T & R

  9. YAY!! Great news. I love this picture. xx

  10. The Stepan's says:

    Super Awesome!

  11. Way to go Kayla and Shannon! Only you two could look so fabulous at TBCC. Have a wonderful break in Mexico with your family – you deserve it. Carpe Diem (as you always do :)) !

  12. Suezie Brady says:

    My son and I were so privileged to meet you and Kayla when they were together for a year at Master’s in grade 2. You have bèen ever present in our thoughts and we now hold you both in our prayers. You are such an inspiration. Stay strong! Suezie and Tyler.

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