Doing a happy dance…

"Getting to the heart of it" in the Heart Labyrinth

“Getting to the heart of it”
Tyler, Kayla & Shannon in the Heart Labyrinth

We just returned from two whole weeks away with NO doc appts, NO radiation or chemo and a delightful absence of cancer-related schedules…. Pure Bliss.   We had the best time just BEing together – as Tyler put it “doesn’t it feel SO good to just chill”.  Amen, Sweet Ty :)  Laughter, swimming, board games, sun, snuggles, great food, spiritual rejuvenation, loving friends & family was our focus.  Yum!

A special thank you to our dear friends, Jill & Nancy, for the gift of staying in your beautiful homes in Mexico and SanDiego…. what a blessing for us!  And thank you, Auntie Di for joining us – we LOVE you!

Admittedly taking two weeks away created quite a frenzy of appointments when we returned….it’s been a very busy week! And here’s the latest on our medical status:

Kayla: We got some awesome news from the neurosurgeon re: Kayla’s first MRI since radiation & chemo… no new cancer YAY!  We are doing the happy dance!

There is a pocket of fluid under her skull but that is not completely unusual after having multiple surgeries in such a short time.  They are just going to monitor it as they think it’s a hematoma (blood pool) but need to rule out the bone isn’t infected.  Follow up in 1 month.

Shannon: Six weeks ago they took me off chemo because my liver enzymes were too elevated (520 with normal range being 1-40…yikes).  My liver checked in at 111 on Tuesday so despite the fact that is still triple over normal, it is a significant decrease from 520.  My oncologist decided that in order to keep the cancer growth at bay and to help manage the pain, my chemo vacation was also over and they would start me back on 1/2 dose chemo.   Hmmm, does that mean I’ll only get 1/2 as many zits and will only have to shave my chemo moustache every other day :)

Tyler: Tyler is fit as a fiddle and an absolute joy to be around.   We all have full time jobs following our little sports dude’s many activities as we cheer him on this quarter in badminton, hockey, soccer & golf.  He’s off snowboarding today  – Go Ty Go!

Swimming with Auntie Di in the sacred Cenote - Yucatan, Mexico

Swimming with Auntie Di in the sacred Cenote – Yucatan, MX

So, as we settle back into our busy lives, I take with me the many, many gifts of our time together over the past two weeks.  And I set my intention to savor all the moments with my loved ones regardless of whether we are on a magical beach in a tropical destination or watching the snow fall on a spring day in Calgary or sitting in a waiting room at the Children’s Hospital.

I choose to practice BEing (not just DOing) and to live from a place of gratitude.  We are living life loud and proud, truly connected to each other in so many yummy ways and completely surrounded by love.    Life is good.

Carpe Diem, friends!

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  1. Judy Glass says:

    So happy to have such good updates! Just keep BEing my friend ~ so looking forward to BEing with you myself! LOVE to your little Family xoxoxo

  2. John Gulak says:

    Shannon, I think of you often. Thanks for the update and much love to you and your family!

  3. The Stepan's says:

    Keep on Rockin’ !

  4. Such GREAT NEWS! Congratulations to all of you.

  5. Michelle Richardson says:

    This is terrific news, so glad to hear you savouring life, eachother, and the wins along the way. <3 Love, hugs, and healing energy to all of you! oxo

  6. michelle says:

    Angel Kayla,
    I had the amazing fortune of being at Second_Mama_Cindy’s house just after the beautiful news came in. I will tell you that the energy in the room was ebullient, as your mom would say. Then champagne was popped …. (what a treat!!) and your mama came over and was BEAMING …. Kayla ….BEAMING !! it is the most incredible of news. You have journeyed through so much, with such incredible grace and strength and insight. I am so very happy that you will be having a time for deep celebration at how divinely you have responded to all of the treatments, prayers and spirit-led guidance.
    All of our love …. ALL OF IT …
    The Crawfords

  7. Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! You KNOW I am doing the HAPPY DANCE for you….back in a second….RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

    BEST news ever about Kayla!!!! and BEST news ever about your trip!!!!! You are all my heros and heroines!!!

  8. Sam Bryden says:

    So happy to see that you had a wonderful holiday AND the fantastic news about both your health.
    Keep on trucking girls. Look forward to hearing about more of your adventures during your chemo holidays.

  9. Barb Myers says:

    All three of you are amazing! All I can say is, “Wow!”

  10. Chuck Wagon says:

    A well deserved break for all of you Thanks for sharing your news!

  11. Lonnie says:

    You’re on my mind most of the time and I pray that the post chemo days are warm, peaceful, joyful, and filled with loved ones!

  12. Carolina Oxtoby says:

    My Dear Sweet Kayla, Shannon and Tyler
    It is wonderful to know that prayers and positive energy brings positive results. My smile is matched by the joy in my heart. Seize every moment while you are at the lake and do a couple of starfish dives for me. Thank you Kayla for being such an inspiration and my buddy as we travelled the High Hopes Challenge together. It will be a precious memory with me forever.

    Love you all from the bottom of my heart.


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