Christmas Deja Vu…Surgery #6 Tuesday 11

Shannon Duke, Kayla Schewe & Tyler Schewe

Family Love! ❤

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as we have TONS of snow & Calgary drops to -40 temperatures (apparently one day we were tied for the coldest place on earth along with some frozen wasteland in Antarctica).  It’s really beautiful….as long as you don’t have to go outside or drive on the roads!  Brrrrr….

As we prepare for the Christmas season, once again we are also preparing for Kayla to go in for another brain surgery…..that’s SIX in one year folks!  The good news is this is a ‘happy surgery’ – one to replace the infected skull that was removed back in May with a beautiful new prosthesis.  It is quite a fascinating process as they do detailed MRIs and thru computer aided design, experts create an exact replica of the other side of her head.

We’re excited about this surgery as it will mean that Kayla can get back to her very active life without worry of injury to her brain.  We’re also cognizant that this IS brain surgery and we are not glib about the whole process, but hey….she IS a mighty veteran to this whole scene!  We’re ready :)

We feel we are in the BEST hands with Dr. Hader and the amazing team at Alberta Childrens Hospital.  We will be up at the crack of dawn to be in for the pre-op MRIs at 6:30.  She’s first on the docket so that means things should be underway 8:00ish MST -  estimating an approximate 2 hour surgery.  I’ll try to keep you updated through this forum.

Thank you for your love, support & prayers, dear friends.

Carpe Diem!


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  1. Lonnie DeSorcy says:

    I’m extending heartfelt prayers and warm wishes and holding a healing space for Kayla.

    • Shannon,
      Perhaps I’ve missed recent posts, but it’s so good to hear from you again, even if it’s new surgery for Kayla, since, as you say, it’s “good surgery”. And I’m sure it will be good. And that you’ll all be good.
      Love and best wishes for the holidays!


  2. Michelle Richardson says:

    sending love and positive energy to all of you, i’ll be thinking of you tomorrow as I often do. love & hugs all around. michelle oxoxox

  3. Sending love, best wishes and happy healing thoughts to Kayla and you all. You’ll be in my thoughts as always! xoxoD

  4. Love and support to Kayla and all of you.

  5. Becky Shaw says:

    Thinking of you all when you are once again at Children’s Hospital in December. What a difference a year makes! You really are all seasoned veterans and will undoubtedly be role models for the other families who are there at this time. Kayla has a special place in my heart (as you do, too, of course) and I will be thinking of you and sending healing, positive energy as you and your angels go on this journey today! May the new prosthesis be an implant of strength, resilience and joy for Kayla!

  6. What an absolutely EXQUISITE picture of your trio on the bed …………… Kayla, those curls are outstanding !!!! Your bravery, willingness to live all of life’s colors fully and wisdom inform my daily path. Not a day goes by where I do not tap into your rich qualities and try as best I can to apply them throughout my day. You are a trio of teachers !!!

    I see by the clock that you, dear Kayla, are prepped and ready for 8:00. I shall be deep in prayer with you at that time.
    Love, Michelle

  7. All the love and light I can muster is coming your way, sweet Kayla, Shannon and Tyler.

  8. My thoughts and prayers are with you this morning. You are such an inspiration to us all…Hugs, Mary

  9. Jean Bascom says:

    Dear Shannon
    I have been in the back ground, as my daughter ‘Teri Crow’ kept me up dated on your plight in life.
    I admire your grit and positive out look on the challenges that you have gone though. The plan that you had ageed to in this life, sure has been a test of endurance. Keep up the positive grit. I pray for you and your munchkins and Bless you. I pray that this surgery will have the same positive out come and that you may have a very Blessed Christmas and the Best of Health and Happiness in 2014.
    May God be with you all
    Love Jean Bascom

  10. Arden Dalik says:

    Dearest Kayla.
    Kelby and I are in our “mind palaces” sending you healing light and love. Can’t wait to see you again soon. Nothing but great things to look forward to; Christmas and Season 3!! In the meantime, we are holding you “SHER” locked in our hearts.

    Love your OCD (Obsessive Cumberbatch Disorder) compatriots,
    Kel-by and R-den xoxoxoxo

  11. Nancy Jacklin says:

    Sending you all love, light, health, and yumminess.

  12. The Stepan's says:

    Our thoughts & prayers are with you all as you prepare for this next surgery. Kayla you are an inspiration with your courage, strength, fierce determination anything is possible! Keep up the good work and put this behind you! We are right beside you cheering just like at basketball when we were on the side lines! Let your faith and determination guide you in your braveness.

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