Christmas Blessings!

Thank you for all your love & support!

What a beautiful Christmas we had!  Three days of gift openings & scrumptious dinners, surrounded by so much love at every turn.  You can see from this picture that the presents around our tree were stacked as high as we are.  So many treasures dropped off at our door & mailbox – there are clearly many Santas in our world.

Growing up my mom taught me the importance of handwritten thank you notes – something I have always endeavored to honor.  When she was on her own cancer journey, she had many new lessons for me to learn.  One was the need to carefully prioritize your time & keep self-care as paramount.   I remember Mom sharing how difficult it was to let go of personally acknowledging each gift & act of support, however it became imperative in order to preserve her energy and health.

I am starting to understand this as I struggle to keep up with my own correspondence.  So please accept this heartfelt thank you from my children and I for all of you that support us with:

  • your gifts of food, flowers & other thoughtful presents including hundreds of angels & prayer beads
  • your encouraging words, emails, blog comments, letters, notes
  • your supportive acts of service – waaaaay too many to itemize
  • your contributions to the Carpe Diem fund
  • your prayers sent on our behalf
  • your friendship & love.

We are SO very blessed and full of gratitude.  THANK YOU!!  ((Hugs))
The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas. W. C. Jones


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I'm Shannon Duke and I’ve combined my business skills with the wisdom that literally saved my life and have built a system that redefines success. Today I am passionate about helping you achieve life-fulfilling and life-enhancing success in both your business & personal life. Read My Story


  1. Diana Izzotti says:

    Such a lovely letter Shannon. I’m so glad you and the children had a lovely Christmas. Thank you for helping us to recognize our blessings and for allowing us to share in your journey. Here’s to a wondrous 2013 for you and Kayla and Tyler! Love, Diana

  2. Blessings to you, Shannon, Kayla and Tyler.
    May 2013 bring you much joy, peace and grace that you all radiate.
    Love to you,

    Carin, Glenn, Elise and Bryce

  3. So, so happy to hear about your awesome Christmas!! Prayers and love continue!!!!

  4. So happy to hear that you have all been wrapped I love this Christmas. May the wonder of the season continue to shine in all of your hearts well into the new year. Prayers and love from our home to yours today, tomorrow and every day.

  5. Aqua Grammy says:

    Hey how do I connect with that Secret Santa guy? That’s some serious loot you three scored! Not that you don’t deserve it, but GHEEZ! I think you should go around the world, visiting all your devoted admirers, dropping off gifts everywhere. Cool? Let me know when you will stop by so I can be home. Kisses and hugs, Aqua Grammy

  6. The Stepan's says:

    We’re happy to see you are all enjoying this festive time of year.

    May your celebrations continue well into the New Year & Years to Come!

    Carpe Diem!

  7. Beautiful Angel Shanny,

    Tonight I finished reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” …. and while the whole book truly describes your attitude and teachings, one passage in particular caught my attention when thinking of you ….

    “Even when confronted by loss and sadness, Frankl’s optimism, his constant affirmation of the exuberance about life, led him to insist that hope and positive energy can turn challenges into triumphs. In Man’s Search for Meaning, he hastens to add that suffering is not necessary to find meaning, only that “meaning is possible in spite of suffering.” ”

    My heavens, your ebullience :) for life follows very closely the teachings of Viktor Frankl and I am so blessed to know you …. and have the opportunity to walk in the light of your teachings about how very meaningful life truly is.

    Love, M xoxo

  8. Dearest Shannon,

    I woke up this morning with you in my mind, and in my mind’s eye, your bright smile and your optimistic aura shining around you greeted me as we embraced in Michelles’ studio. I can only hope that my loving smiles for you fill you peace and joy, and acceptance as your does for me.

    So, dahling Miss Shannon, this is my love note to you. Rather public for all to see, and yet, i sense that we all have a story like this of you.

    <3 You are a teacher of grace and goodness, of outstanding hope, and you are teach the joy for living everyday with a big dose of laughter and ease. Even after your toilet flooded and you were up all night managing the outpouring of water and the crap that life sometimes gives to us, there you were – laughing at the situation, welcoming me into your house to share your wigs and pretty jewelry so I could decorate myself with your flair. I mean, why not – right? Well, You are one crazy cat! And I love you! <3

    There is a wee quote at the bottom of the page that I made some free flowing notes on, it's from Steven Wright, and he says

    "I intend to live forever. So far, so good".

    You are facing cancer straight in the eye, and with grace and your joy for living, everyday, beautifully, there you are teaching me, and so many more people, how to stay positive and think THE good thougths. And when the dark thougths come – you are not ignoring them – you seem to swoosh them away and welcome in hope instead, with a grace that marvels me and teaches me, over and over again, the value of choice.

    Happy New Year's Eve Day Shannon, and Kayla, and Tyler! May 2013 bring to you an abundance of time, and laughter and joys, and peacefulness and contentment, and daily grace.

    WIth Love,
    (insert BIG HUG right about here!!!)

    • doug merrill says:

      Dearest Shannon, Kayla and Tyler,
      The ice on Carpenter lake is blanketed with a heavy layer of snow, but just below, the fish and turtles doze as they wait for the happy sound of your laughter and the splash that brings you crashing into their world again. The song birds…away for the winter, long to be in your presence as they play in the trees by the deck. I too await your return….knowing the joy it will bring us all.
      Love and blessings, Doug

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