Chemo…Act II

So many gifts...even CarpeDiem water from Belgium!

Thank you for all the gifts – even Carpe Diem water from Belgium :-)

Yesterday I started chemo again….and I admit it was all I could do to take that little pill.  Too many horrible memories.  I recall my vow after completing my first round that I would never do it again.   I have since learned, Never say Never. :)

I know there is much to be grateful for.  For the promise that it won’t include losing all my hair & becoming violently ill.   The potential side effects seem minimal in comparison.

And it’s so easy to take – one pill every morning.  No waiting in the “Chemo Lounge” for them to administer those toxic potions via IV – the horrific nausea deepening with every hour.  For anyone looking for more info the drug is gefitinib:

And when they told me the cost (over $2300/month!) it was a massive relief for an entrepreneur with no extra benefit plan to find that AB Health pays for it all.  Viva Canadian Health Care!

My new oncologist is actually my old oncologist.  The same man so prominent in Act I, has now become a lung specialist.  He has a brilliant mind & a kind heart – a good combination!  And he did have more good news – my brain scan came back CLEAR!  One less thing to worry about.  In parting, I said to him, “Hey, we did it before….let’s do it again”.

So as I looked at that little pill with such dread in my heart, I decided I really needed to change my energy around this chemo experience.  There isn’t much point in taking something to heal me, if my perspective is one of negative, toxic rejection.  So with the help of some dear friends in my yoga circle, I now envision those little pills infused with healing light, clearing the tumors and knitting my bones back together.   And so far, so good – Day 2 & experiencing only some minor fatigue.

I admit it was a challenging week for my children & I.  Thank you all for keeping us in your hearts & prayers and for all the gifts, food, messages & practical assistance too – I don’t know how I’d maneuver the myriad of speed bumps without my beloved SOS team.  I am so grateful for the amazing outpouring of love & support for us  – I humbly accept it all.

Carpe Diem, friends!



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  1. So many modalities of healing available to us – and you’re embracing them all. Those bones will be knit back together in no time. Talk about putting it out there – no nausea, no hair loss, fabulous doctors…. you’re one powerful woman honey. Keep putting it out there. Love you.

  2. Another quick note for Shannon’s supporters…
    How can you help? Two Things: Care Calendar and Beads

    We have a Care Calendar set up for the care and feeding of Shannon and her beautiful family. Meals, rides, chores etc. It’s not officially launched but will be shortly. For the time being food has been arriving in bundles, so all is good there. Shannon has forwarded onto me the emails from those of you in Calgary wanting to assist, and you will receive an email from me this coming week regarding the Calendar and how to access it. If you’re not sure you’re on the list and want to be – email me [email protected].

    The prayer bead necklace continues to grow daily. The first bunch can be seen in Shannon’s previous blog “108 Prayer Beads”, but we will continue adding to it every few weeks as the beads come in. As you can see there is no prescription for size, color etc. What is important is that you send the bead with your written prayer for healing and love for Shannon. The written pieces are on their way to becoming a magnificent book of love and support for our dear friend to treasure.

    Thank you for all the love and support you continue to send her way – she treasures every drop of it.

    • Thank you, dear Cindy, for being the CEO of my SOS team. :-)
      I am beyond blessed to have you at the helm of coordinating so many amazing people to help me out on my journey. SO grateful!!! xo

  3. Angel Shannon,

    One of the most moving experiences I have had in Yoga is to witness you placing your chemo on our circle alter and asking for it to be blessed. How profound and spirit-led it felt for all of us to bring your medicine into the divine light. It is my true belief that whether it be organic carrot soup or strong medicine, it is all divinely led … How blessed we all are to have gifted men and women bringing so many healing modalities to fruition. Thank-you for helping us to see that healing pathways come in many colors. I have complete faith that your colorful pathway is bringing you home to perfect health.

    I love you xoxo Michelle

  4. Oh Michelle, thank you for creating the safe space for me to come to our sacred circle and request help when I need it. It was such a pivotal shift in my whole feeling about the chemo and every morning when I take that shining red pill, your beautiful face & soothing voice are right with me. Thank YOU, dear one.

  5. My prayers are with you and your family as you go through this journey. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey and allowing us to help you and your family. What a gift you are Shannon :)
    Feel me giving you a big hug.

  6. I am amazed over and over again with your strength and positive thoughts. Shannon you are such an inspiration to all of us. You truly are an angel living on this magnificent Earth!! Love you heaps!!

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