Carpe Diem days with my munchkins

Kayla & I exploring beautiful Central Park.
John Lennon’s home in the background

You know my children are the absolute light and love of my life!  So it was with great joy that I made a couple of fun trips with each of them over the past month.

Kayla & I had an absolute blast exploring the many faces of NYC.  She had a school assignment that required her to write a review of a live theater production, so we justified her time away from school by attending a couple Broadway productions.  She got 50/50 on the assignment so all is well! :)

Tyler & I “Escape from Alcatraz”.
See the famous prison behind us

Tyler’s dream was to see the 49ers play so off to San Francisco we went.  It was unseasonably warm while we were there and we covered so many wonders of this beautiful city.  The 49ers won and so did we!

It brought back many fabulous memories of our incredible adventures all around the world together – from taking the year off in 2005 and exploring 20 different countries to our annual vacations to many magical destinations.

I’m proud of the fact that living a Carpe Diem lifestyle is a foundation of our family – we truly do try to make the most of every day, even when things are tough.

I love you so much, Kayla & Tyler – thanks for being such amazing children and awesome travel buddies.  Always live your dreams!  ((Hugs))

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  1. Chips off the ole block they are – love of travel and fun adventures. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us – Carpe Diem on honey!

  2. HI Shannon, So beyond my capacity to even contemplate what you all had to handle! I do find our abilities to manage far out weigh what we think we can manage, but so happy for Kayla doing well and you seemingly unflapable!! There are many times we want to be the strong ones, don’t be afraid to be human, but of course human with a great attitude perhaps ;O) I won’t be in touch for awhile as we are going travelling ourselves as a family….it is time for us to live life to fullest. As there have been a few too many break ins I am not sharing this info. with many and have the house well observed. We are not back till early January, please know I am praying for complete recovery for you all! HUGS and God Bless, XXOO

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