…and heavenly angels sing…

Kayla's angel tree

I sit here writing from my wee bed in Kayla’s room at ACH, surrounded by the steady click of her vital machines & the night sounds unique to a hospital ward.  Once again, shining softly by our beds is her beautiful little Christmas tree, sparkling with angels that people are sending her (and one star….to further anchor her RockStar status! :).  The nurses often comment when they walk in at how warm & loving her room feels.

I’m thrilled to report that Kayla’s surgery went brilliantly today. After ~ 2.5 hour surgery, some morphine in post-op to combat the pain, she skipped ICU all together and is now resting comfortably in Unit 3 of the ACH.

She has battled nausea/vomiting much of the day but all things considered she is doing so well.  Her new prothetic skull looks amazing and they did such an incredible job on the incision (using the same one as the last 5 times :) that she hardly lost any hair in the procedure.  I’m so happy for her!!!

We have no idea how long she’ll be in here but by the way she’s doing, I’m sure she’ll be busting out of here in the next couple of days.

I want to thank you all for your amazing support for our family….with angels, dinners, emails, flowers, notes, acts of service, gifts & so many contributions of love & support.  As I talk to other families on this unit, I am struck by how many people are in such pain (both physical & emotional) during what should be such a joyous season.  Though our journey is a challenging one, we truly feel surrounded by a heavenly host of earthly angels.  It makes my weary heart sing.

I’m counting my blessings tonite…I hope you are, too.

Love, Gratitude & of course….Carpe Diem!

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  1. I love your weary heart, Shannon.


  2. Jennifer Palmer says:

    Dearest Shannon,
    Sending you all much love, light, and healing thoughts and energy. You and your amazing family are a true inspiration, you inspire us to be better, do better, and live better. May Kayla have a speedy recovery and maybe we shall see you over the holiday season.
    Jennifer, Matt, Benjamin, and Nicholas xo

  3. Wonderful Beautiful News Shannon. So good to hear. I wondered if that was Kaylas natural hair, it’s gorgeous. :) My heart feels warm knowing it went well and you are feeling warm and loved, also heavy with the intensity of the depth of your family’s work. Thinking of, and loving you all.

  4. Judy Glass says:

    Dearest Shannon!
    Sending you love, and healing strength!
    What a star Kayla. We are so happy the surgery went well and that you are resting with your Mom in your room made cozy with the little tree filled with angels…
    Thinking of you all!
    With Love,
    Judy and Family xoxo

  5. Becky Shaw says:

    So glad to hear all is well and now the job is to just relax , heal and let the blessings of the season wash over you. What a challenging journey you have been sent on and what a role model your entire family has become. Can’t wait to see your new skull, Kayla! You ladies will go to all lengths for your fashion accessories!! :) Love you all!!

  6. Cindy Schaber says:

    This is such wonderful news to read this morning Shannon. You 2 deserve every one of the blessings coming your way. May the healing continue to take a rock star status in healing. Let her know as soon as that scar heals we can give her the most amazing hair to date. Big Hugs and Kisses for you both.

  7. Carla Smith says:

    Shannon and Kayla,
    Thinking of you and Kayla on your journey … your spirit shines through your words, your smile and your perseverance. May your Christmas season be particularly illuminated with the love of friends and family. You have a massive heart.

  8. Andrea Palmer says:

    Hi Shannon, Kayla and Tyler,

    What a relief to hear it went so well! I’ve thought about you guys so so many times in the last year, sending hope and prayers , cheering the successes and good news, and shedding tears for you during dark times, always admiring the shining example of human reliance, strength and grace you three personify. I will continue to do so and hold you in my heart, which right now is filled with joy for you! With the warmest wishes for continued healing — xo Andrea

  9. Carmen Olson says:

    Dear sweet Shannon, Kayla and Tyler,
    Blessings to you all, such beautiful news. Always love in light and dark, Carmen

  10. Stephanie Dea says:

    Dear Shannon Kayla and Tyler,

    Your strength, courage, and warm heart inspires us all. I am humbled . I send your family prayers of love, peace and freedom from fear and pain.

  11. Melody Williamson says:

    The BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! Please hug my fellow Thespian!! Tell her we are sending lots of healing light – she’ll have to get out her funky shades!

  12. Michelle Richardson says:

    My heart is very happy and my eyes are filled with tears at the beauty of you, your daughter, and your capacity to find the good in all situations. You truly are an a-mazing, inspiring heavenly angel on earth. My love and very best wishes to all of you for continued positive outcomes to celebrate. xoxox

  13. Dearest Shannon, Kayla and Tyler…..such great news to hear things went well for Kayla – what a Rock Star she is indeed! Sending you all loving, healing prayers, xoxo

  14. Jean Bascom says:

    Grateful to here the good new; Someone is watching over both of you. Your strength is amazing. Thank you ,for sharing with me the good news. I pray that the healing process will be swift and successful. I pray that you may have a rest from all of this for awhile. A good long while.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May God be with all of you.
    I hope you may have the Best Christmas ever and the Best of Health and Happiness in 2014.
    Keep me posted if you don’t mind.
    Love Jean

  15. The Stepan's says:

    So glad to here our rock star is still rockin!

    You two are amazing and youris infectious to everyone around you.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Peace be with you my firends.

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