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Shannon Duke and Bill Gates

With Bill Gates at a Microsoft Awards Ceremony (1996)

It was the dot.com frenzy of the 80’s & 90’s so my decision to major in Computer Science lead me on an amazing career ride!

It was crazy … fun … stressful … all rolled into one.

I worked my way up the ladder as a successful technology & management consulting professional in fabulous companies like Microsoft and Ernst & Young. I was on top of the world! Successful in every metric possible.

Or so I thought.

On Sept 11, 2000, my world came crashing down.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast and bone cancer. And what made it worse was the fact I had two young children … a 3 year old daughter and a newborn son of 3 months.

Facing a terminal illness as the mother of these two beautiful young souls changed my perspective on everything! As I fought to save my life, I sought to understand what the REAL keys were to living a truly successful life. To live a life I could look back upon without regrets … no matter how much time I had left.

As part of my healing journey I studied what the critical components were that contribute to disease. There were many … and I could certainly identify with some that were active in my life back then:

  • Shannon Duke Battling terminal cancer with young children

    Battling terminal cancer with young children – here with my daughter 3 years (2000)

    excessive stress & overwhelm in the workplace

  • weak communication strategies
  • poor relationship dynamics
  • lack of spiritual connection
  • financial pressures
  • being over-responsible and taking on too much
  • unhealthy lifestyles including poor diet & lack of exercise
  • missing passion and purpose

Any of these sound familiar?

Since then I’ve combined my business skills with the wisdom that literally saved my life and have built a system that redefines success.

So here I am today, passionate to guide other professionals like myself with these tools & systems to achieve life-fulfilling and life-enhancing success in both their business & personal lives.  They maintain 6 figure incomes doing work they are truly passionate about, without the stress and overwhelm that can unravel everything.

Since then I have taught, mentored and coached hundreds of individuals. With the most exciting results!

Shannon Duke Collaborating with Dr. Gabor Mate

Collaborating with Dr. Gabor Mate on a number of events (2008-2011)

Most of them end up doubling their income while at the same time improving their quality of life through enhanced relationships, renewed vibrant, healthy lifestyles & a passionate pursuit of their dreams! Yes! You can have it both ways!

I value connection, family & friends, adventure, giving back, joie de vivre and compassion.

Since my diagnosis, I have become a passionate advocate for philanthropic ventures.

Some of these include raising over $170,000 for cancer research, becoming active in addiction rehabilitation, assisting women & children in impoverished conditions and the Calgary Children’s Hospice. For me, success means I give back to the community in many ways.

Shannon Duke Giving Back

Soul Children Walk – with over 70 kids inspired by Shannon to walk for cancer research (2006-07)

I am truly committed to making the most of every day and pursuing my dreams – this includes my passion for travel. In 2004-05, I traveled the world for a year with my young family. I have explored the cultures and traditions of over 40 countries to date … and look forward to the next 40! I believe this has really enhanced my understanding of bringing out the best in people.

Shannon Duke With Family

Proud mother of the 2 most amazing children in the world (on-going)

My two munchkins are the love of my life!

I’ll never forget that fateful day in 2000 when the word ‘cancer’ could have taken me from their lives. I never take for granted the gift that I am here today and wish to remind you to spend your days doing what you love, with those you love.

How do you think Olympians, Presidents and CEOs get to their pinnacle? Through mentors, coaches and advisers … that is the key to anyone’s success.

Don’t you deserve a mentor & coach to unlock your full potential?

I will empower you to create life-changing revelations and move to unparalleled levels of success in your business & life.

Shannon Duke Celebrating Life & traveling the world

Celebrating Life & traveling the world – at the top of Machu Picchu, Peru (2008)

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Carpe Diem … Seize the Day!


50% Passion, 30% Wisdom, 10% Joie de Vivre, 9% Intuition, 1% Cabernet Sauvignon

Education & Associations:

Shannon not only holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, she is also a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching, and a Certified Niche Specialist to teach Niche Breakthrough Secrets.

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