A few words from Kayla…

Kayla sharing her story to over 800 at the KCC Dad Daughter Gala

Kayla sharing her story to over 800 people
at the KCC Dad Daughter Gala

Hello everyone, Kayla here….

This March during my Spring Break, I will be traveling with Kids Cancer Care to El Salvador to build homes for those less fortunate. 

I have been very active working with Kids Cancer Care over the past year after I experienced first hand what an incredible organization they are for kids & their families living with cancer.

  • From April to June, I was a Kid Coach for the High Hopes Challenge, an event that raises money for Kids Cancer Care by teaming up kids with an executive and showing them what camp is like. Together, my awesome partner Carol Oxtaby & I raised almost $40,000.
  • In July I went to Camp Kindle – Kids Cancer Care’s camp for kids with cancer.
  • In September, Kids Cancer Care asked me to be the Keynote speaker at their main fundraising event of the year, the Dad/Daughter gala where I shared my story with over 800 attendees.
  • Now I am a part of their Teen Leadership Program which is the group I am going to El Salvador with.

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with brain cancer in November of 2012 and subsequently underwent 6 brain surgeries, chemo & radiation. I have been very well taken care of by our community, which I am extremely grateful for. For me this trip is a way to give back & Pay it Forward after all the support my community continues to give to me and my family.


How can you help?

This trip will be funded by donations. Please donate so that I can give back in my own way and help those less fortunate than us in the first world. I need $2,500 minimum to go on the trip – any extra will go towards building supplies.

If you would like to donate please follow this link: Kayla’s El Salvador Trip


Thank you for your support.

Carpe Diem!  Kayla

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  1. The Stepan's says:

    Wow! You Are Amazing Kayla! Keep up the great work. Your hard work & determination to pay it forward is an inspiration! You will be able to sing “If I Had A Hammer” while on your adventure!

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