Surgery has been moved up -> tomorrow.

Shine on Beautiful Kayla

We just found out that Kayla’s surgery has been moved up to tomorrow, Wednesday, November 21.

She said to me on Sunday night “the waiting is the hardest part, I wish it was sooner”.  So when we received this news I reminded her of the power of her prayers :)

We need to be at the Alberta Children’s Hospital at 6:30 am for a pre-surgical MRI and the 4-5 hour surgery will start at 8:00.

I know we are surrounded by prayer warriors from around the world and I ask you to lift our family up at this time:

  • For Kayla – that she will experience peace going in and a successful removal of this tumor.  That this surgery will end all illness within her.
  • For the surgeon, Dr. Clare Gallagher – that she will be rested, steady and wise throughout the surgery.
  • For our family – that we will remain faithful and calm throughout the process.  And while you’re at it, send in a few words for my healing as well. :)

We are just about to head out for a beautiful family dinner to celebrate life and the many gifts of being together.   We feel very loved and supported.  Thank you for the many love offerings we receive – the food, cards, flowers, beads, encouraging words, gifts and many acts of service.  They all mean so much to us.

I am personally operating from a place of Faith not Fear and the mantra that resonates through my being is “It is finished”…after 5 generations of cancer, it stops here!  Shine on Kayla!

Dear friends will be keeping this blog updated for me from the hospital.  All news will come through here.

Carpe Diem, friends!

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  1. Oh my gosh – that is the most stunning picture of the beautiful and brave Kayla. I have complete faith in a speedy and complete recovery for Miss K. – you’re so strong and grounded. A-M-A-zing, just like your mom. And faith that you too are on your way to a complete recovery Shannon. You have the keys to unlock the power of this cancer over your family and I feel it in my very being that it is already so. Carpe Diem ladies and we are praying very hard for you and all of your family tonight and over the next while. Love you all.

  2. Shannon, I am so saddened to hear the recent news about your beautiful daughter. Bless her heart that she has to go through such a surgery. I continue to keep you and your beautiful family in my thoughts, prayers and heart.

  3. Dear Shannon, Kayla, and your healing circle of friends and loved ones,

    My prayers and healing thoughts are with you all, especially Kayla. Wiith your permission I will use some loving Reiki to direct healing to where it is needed most.

    Much love and peace,

  4. May divine light shine on you tomorrow, Kayla, and for your healthy recovery. May the angels watch over you, Shannon, Tyler and all family. Our blessings and prayers are with you. The McCowan Family

  5. Kari Dunlop says:

    I got chills and goosebumps as I read your mantra Shannon.
    Done. Indeed. Prayers and blessings to all. You are being supported by so very many.

  6. Sending love and prayers to all of you.

  7. Heidi Gedlaman says:

    As I hold you, Kayla and Tyler in my heart, I feel part of an enormous wave of intention and light, composed of all those who love you and all those who love but haven’t met you yet. Like, I actually feel it. It is real and we are all connected by it. And I know this by knowing you. Thank you for your light – it is coming full circle right back to you and your babes. Love. So much love.

  8. Thinking of you and praying. Absentee Reiki treatment given. Continuing to send healing energy your way. . .
    ~Lonnie <3

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always, and especially at this moment when dear Kayla, you must be completing the end of your walk with Dr. Gallagher. As your amazing mother Shannon explains, “it is finished” Cancer has left your body. Thinking of you and your mother constantly, and sending many prayers for quick healing and an exciting new beginning, full of all the hopes and dreams you aspire to. Can’t wait to see you again, walking the halls of EMHS.

  10. Thinking of Kayla today. Prayers to you all Shannon.

  11. Anne Maxwell says:

    HI Shannon. Wednesday night 7:00. I have been thinking about you and Kayla all week. No doubt by now the surgery is over. Hopefully you are able to relax a bit and take a few deep breaths knowing your daughter is on her way to recovery. I will continue to hold you both in my thoughts and wish you continued strength through this very tough time. I have faith that all will be well and I know you do also.

  12. Shannon, I’m so thrilled Kayla’s surgery went well. An army of angels surrounds your family my dear. Keep the faith! Sending lots of love and sparkling light.

    Hugs, Paula

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