Keynote Speaker Shannon DukeHeralded as inspirational, powerful, visionary and energetic – Shannon Duke is a dynamic speaker that will move you to action and inspiration.

Shannon and her incredible message have been featured on CTV as well as in multiple magazines and newspapers. Over the years she has shared the stage with many well-known speakers and leaders and inspired thousands.

Through her dynamic presentations, Shannon draws on her unique life experiences to share wisdom gained through her business experience, personal wisdom and deep insight. You will be moved and inspired as she shares messages on “Redefining Success” ©

  • Powerful teachings from her successful corporate career where she often spoke at many key career Microsoft events
  • Moving accounts of the keys to successfully transitioning from a terminal diagnosis to one of vibrant health and well-being
  • Incredible tales of travel and discovery as she shares of her extensive experience journeying to over 40 countries around the world
  • Essential elements to establishing a successful business as an entrepreneur
  • Recapturing the art of truly fulfilling your dreams…live that Bucket List!
  • Living an inspired life of true legacy … the ability to look back on your life with no regrets.

Shannon also delivers a powerful “Living without Limits” © series

This Seminar Series that can be presented as a multiple-session offering or as individual events. All Seminars are fully customizable – from 90 minute to full day offerings and have been delivered as both keynotes and in interactive workshop formats. They can also be incorporated as part of a weekend retreat offering.

There are many speakers to choose from for your next event, however there is only one with the experience, insight, charm, and warmth of Shannon Duke. You will walk away with your eyes opened and a desire to move to new levels of possibility!

Shannon is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations and public seminars and events. To inquire about Shannon speaking at your next event, please contact [email protected]

Dr Gabor MateI find her courage inspiring, her wisdom instructive, her insights deep and her presence healing.

I’ve had the privilege and the pleasure of working closely with Shannon Duke. I find her courage inspiring, her wisdom instructive, her insights deep and her presence healing. I look forward to our future collaboration.

Gabor Maté
physician, international speaker and best-selling author

A few words from various attendees at some of Shannon’s events

  • Inspirational Key Note Speaker Shannon DukeI am so in awe of your presentation on Saturday…your composure, your wisdom, your ability to answer the questions asked, your courage. You are a woman of grace – soulful and authentic. I can see that you are truly living the legacy.
  • I clearly didn’t expect enough going into this workshop … it so far surpassed my expectations! I was able to step out of where I am and put hope in a place of where I want to be. More please.
  • I had such an ‘ah-ha’ moment today. I need to be true to myself and not neglect this long-standing need.
  • This was so insightful – it make me think in a different way. The whole thing was the best!
  • Shannon’s story is so uplifting and inspirational. When is your book coming out?
  • I feel so much less alone with my struggles. You have affirmed to me that we all have the power to change.
  • What an incredible experience to keep me moving on my personal journey. I learned how some of my implicit beliefs are holding me back from fulfilling my desires and dreams.
  • WOW, loved it all!
  • I just wanted to let you know that I thought the workshop was Brilliant! I came away with such great insight and could have spent many more hours with you. I was absolutely amazed at the examples that were used with the participation of the group – it was truly Brilliant work!! Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge.
  • I LOVE what you are doing! You continue to inspire me to keep being my authentic self.
  • I love how you take people’s questions and intuitively make us realize deeper meaning.
  • Your messages and method of delivery are so real and from the heart. It feels so safe and inspiring and makes me go deeper.
  • What a fun morning! I truly enjoyed myself.
  • I loved the exercises and variety – the way that everything flowed and built on the principles and ideas. I have never been to a seminar like this before and I thought it was great!
  • It was warm, comforting and challenging. I wouldn’t change a thing.
  • The whole thing was the BEST!
  • The humor, the sharing, the level of comfort you so quickly establish. You speak just enough to make everything you say count. Loved the opportunity to start listening to my own heart.
  • I love your bright smile, passion and enthusiasm. Your concepts really help put things into perspective for me.
  • You should charge more! :-)
  • I feel so much clearer on my goals and specific, measurable ways to attain them.
  • I learned so much. I enjoyed the flowing way that one element flowed into the next – very logical, clear and well thought out. Absolutely outstanding.
  • Awesome and amazing! What a brilliant use of your talents and experiences.
  • Shannon was inspiring, thoughtful, comforting and focused. What a fantastic evening.
  • I went into the workshop very skeptical as I always thought this was not my type of “thing”. I’m very glad I went, I found it very inspirational and motivational and it certainly gave me a lot to think about. You have an amazing story to tell, I am very moved by your courage and strength.
  • I feel like I took a blurry idea, articulated it and now believe I can do it….Fantastic! Thank you, Shannon!
  • What a soulful journey which helped to spark me into action. You are such a great leader, Shannon – thank you for sharing your gifts & talents.
  • I loved this workshop. After this weekend, I feel completely empowered.