Last Call….Chemo Happy Hour is almost over :)

Soon to be..."Buddies in Baldness"

Soon to be…”Buddies in Baldness”

The end is near!!!

Only ONE week of radiation & chemotherapy to go for beautiful Miss Kayla and then it’s time to do some celebrating!  We’re awaiting doctors approval for her to travel so we can fulfill her trip through Children’s Wish Foundation and some other lovely adventures we’ve been planning.

And in an interesting twist, I ended my chemo today, too.  I got the call yesterday that my liver counts are too high for me to continue with chemo at this time.  Some additional testing is scheduled and they will monitor things even more closely.  It is their hope that I will be able to go back on again at some point, if we can get my liver stabilized.

Truthfully, I’m not sad to see the end of chemo and it’s side effects – however I have enjoyed the decrease in pain and my last CT scan did show that the spots in my lungs had shrunk a bit.   It is my hope that all my complementary therapies will be able to do the job.  <insert prayers here>

Every day is filled with challenges.  And every day we also experience many miracles – and some of our biggest miracles come from our loving community.  Friends continue to blow me away with their love & support for us.  I encourage you to check out the new website friends recently launched showcasing some of the love offerings that surround us.

  • Kayla’s dear friend (sister!), Lauren, is shaving her head (that’s her pic with Kayla above <3)
  • Kayla’s boyfriend’s dad, Kevin, is dedicating his 2013 Ironman triathlons to us. No, that’s not a typo – it is plural.  He is doing FOUR triathlons this year.  Amazing!  I think we may have to go cheer him on in Hawaii, dontcha think :)
  • My darling friend, Cindy (affectionately known as my CEO – and boy does she ever manage & vision things beautifully for us!!!) is creating massage candles in my honor
  • Our community is hosting a spectacular dinner & auction in May.

It is truly mind blowing – despite the challenges, how can we not feel positive with this level of support!!!  Your love, words, kindness & support carry us through the darker moments and give us even more joy in the bright times.  Thank you to you all!

Carpe Diem!

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  1. Can’t wait for this celebration! You two continue to move forward with such GRACE and love – we’re behind you ALL THE WAY back to health!

    Friends – a new Care Calendar and update was sent out today – check here for the letter if you haven’t received it in your inbox.

  2. Michelle Richardson says:

    SOKS! A banner day, indeed and a fabulous milestone on your journeys to renewed health. Sending lots of healing energy to your liver, Shannon, and trusting that whatever you are doing other than chemo will create miraculous results. Love to all of you… and a special hug forTyler who is no doubt going through his own challenges while the two ladies in his life go through theirs. You are all so inspiring… we’re holding the vision for the best possible outcome for you all. oxoxo M, D, T & R (yes, even our dog is supporting you) 8>}

  3. Rizwana says:

    Shannon & Kayla, you both truely are such an inspiration for me. I will be thinking and praying for you both when I take part in Bust A Move tomorrow. I will moving and grooving with Richard Simmons and thinking of you both. I would love to help with the silent auction in May! Good Luck!
    Hugs and prayers for you both and Tyler!

  4. Natalie Lee says:

    Shannon honey all I can say is I LOVE YOU!
    Always sending love, light and prayers always!

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