Kayla Surgery#2 – tomorrow (Tues)

Five year old Addy walking ‘with’ Kayla to make a difference

We ask for your prayers tomorrow.  We start our day @ the Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH) 9:30 am for prep and an MRI.  Surgery is scheduled for 12:30 and thankfully is only booked for 90 minutes (vs 5 hours) this time.

I admit this is tough having to go back so soon after the last surgery….it has been less than 3 weeks.  It’s a big procedure and the memory of it is still very vivid for all of us, but especially for Kayla.  The good news is it’s a smaller tumor this time so I pray for a special grace & peace for her to be able to go through this with minimal pain and a positive outcome.

I also pray for our new surgeon, Dr Walter Hader – he seems amazing.  This is a very important surgery, for the pathology of this tumor will make all the difference in how we move forward.  Please pray for a miracle that it is benign.

My beautiful sister and another dear friend have flown in to be with us and I know how lovingly supported we are by our entire SOKS community. Thank you!

I admit we were totally leveled by this news last Thursday.  We’ve had our share of cries over the past days, but we also deepened our commitment to Carpe Diem and did some very special things with the generosity of some very dear friends.  Backstage passes to the Christmas Carol (amazing for our theatre girl!), a surprise 1st anniversary trip to Banff for Kayla & Curtis.  A very fun big photo shoot & dinner party with our loved ones today…with Kayla looking extraordinarily beautiful I might add – Rockstar!  We are making the most of every day & having some fun despite the horror of this news.

One of my amazing clients sent me this email over the weekend and it was such a gift to both Kayla & I.  I wanted to share it with you – you never know the lives you are impacting.  Kayla and Addy have never met and yet they have clearly established a bond.

“Addy and I went fundraising for the Children’s hospital last week and I had told her all about Kayla’s journey.  As we went door to door she carried Kayla’s picture to remind us why we were doing this.  This year, the proceeds are going to brain health and research, which of course, landed close to our hearts.  On our second day of walking for 3 hrs, Addy said, “Mom, I think we can do 4 hrs today.  The more money we raise, the more the doctors can help Kayla get better.  She’s a beautiful person, isn’t she Mama?  I can tell.”  Several hours and $2400 later…apparently your daughter is inspiring 5 year olds also!  This is Addy’s third year fundraising and with Kayla’s help, she raised 3 times the amount she did last year!!  Kayla will continue to amaze us all, that is the truth.  We will be sending our healing thoughts to you tomorrow, Kayla and believing in your amazing strength and fortitude.”

So please follow sweet Addy’s lead and walk with dear Kayla tomorrow by showering her with prayers of love, peace and healing. Together we can overcome this!  Beautiful notes can be sent to Kayla while she is at the ACH through calgaryhealthregion.ca/ACH/pff/mail.html

Thank you -  your messages of support, your prayers, your love keep us going!  Carpe Diem!

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  1. Yes!!! Miracles happen every day in our world, and we are praying for two miracles. Please send these prayer wishes to all that you know – there is power in prayer. Complete health and recovery for Kayla and Shannon.

  2. You three are in my prayers constantly. I pray that the Lord will bring you peace and healing, that through this journey you will find strength, and that the love and prayers of those surrounding you will lift you up.

  3. What a beautiful story about Addy! Just know that your journeys are inspiring so many hearts around the globe in ways you can’t imagine. Sending love, prayers and healing light. Tomorrow will be an extraordinary miracle day. I can feel it! Much love, Paula

  4. Cindy Schaber says:

    Praying for Miracles, praying for the Surgeon, Praying for you Shannon and that Healing and health will be restored for both Kayla and you. You are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May you all be enveloped in comfort tonight and tomorrow and through recovery and complete healing. Love, light and angels are all around.

  5. Dearest Shannon- my thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. Sending healing light and vibrations :-). Much Love.

  6. Michelle Richardson says:

    You can be assured that you are in my thoughts often and that I will hold you especially closely in my heart tomorrow and send lots of healing, miracle-making energy your way. You are all an inspiration to so many people and I have faith that all will be well for you. So much love and many big (((hugs))) to you… Michelle oxo

  7. R-den & Kelby says:

    Kelby and I will be connecting our prayers to this circle of love tomorrow. Shine on my dear friends.
    Love r-den and Kelby xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Alastair Ewen says:

    Dear Shannon

    I work at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and I would like to reassure you that your daughter has a neurosurgeon who I would trust with my own two kids. He is great! Good luck and prayers to you and your daughter, Kayla.


  9. Dear Shannon and Kayla
    I will be by your side today keeping the faith for recovery and healing for all. This a journey that most people can’t even imagine let alone go through it with such grace and fortitude as the two of you!! You have been a huge inspiration to all who know you and even to the ones who don’t . Carpe Diem indeed my dear friends !!
    Love always

  10. Carmen Olson says:

    Shine On Dear Kayla and Shannon:
    My love and light to you both today and always. Please know there are legions of peaceful, loving warriors shining our light on your family today. With my whole heart I send you love and light. Carmen

  11. I am praying here too, in snowy Saskatoon- sending big hugs to Shannon too and lots of love to you all.

  12. Dear Shannon and Kayla: My sister Kathy has told me your story and has been keeping me posted on what’s been happening in your lives lately. Although I don’t know either of you, you have both touched my heart and I am sending prayers and positive thoughts that all goes well today and in the future. You are both truly an inspiration to all. Good luck.


  13. Colleen Rousch (aka Blueladybug) says:

    Shannon, Kayla and Tyler – I will pray the hardest ever for a good outcome to all this trauma. You are all so brave, Hugz Colleen

  14. Kayla is likely getting ready for surgery as I write. My thoughts, prayers and positive vibes go out to her and to you, Tyler and the rest of your family as you wait for her to come out of surgery and as you await the results. Chad has told me so much about you and about how amazing and strong you and Kayla are. You have been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard this terrible news on Friday, and you will continue to be throughout your journey. I hope that the news is what everyone is hoping for. Bless you all.

  15. Leslie Gotfrit says:

    Dear Shannon and Kayla
    You are both the most amazing models of grace and beauty, truly embodying your own principles of carpe diem. May today be filled with blessings, and that all goes well beyond expectation. You are surrounded by so much love and healing energy I am sure it will.
    with love

  16. Rizwana Janmohamed says:

    Dearest Shannon and Kayla,
    Although I have never meet either of you (Hope to one day!), you are both amazing, strong, beautiful women. Kayla, you are my hero! The strength that you have within you is going to help you beat this dreadful disease. I truely believe the power of prayer and ythere are millions of people all over the world praying for you. As I write this, you are probably going through the surgery and I am sending positive vibes your way!
    Lots of hugs to you both and also to Tyler!

  17. mikhal and jake says:

    Kayla, Shannon and Tyler,
    Prayers to all of you today and everyday. I trust that surgery is over and was a complete success. Believe in miracles and the power of all of the love being sent your way.

  18. George Kyriakis says:

    Go get em Kayla! I have no doubt you’re as strong as your mom (or stronger).

  19. Dwane & Jaime Morvik says:

    Shannon and Kayla,
    Our hearts go out to you and hope that everything went well during the surgery today. Thinking of you all often and pray for good things to come your way.

  20. Sam Bryden says:

    I’m sure that a Starbucks yoghurt sundae is going to taste absolutely fantastic when you are done. Go get em Kayla. All of Carpenter Lake is on your side. Sending TONS of positive energy your way!

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