home sweet home…

Kayla was finally released today.  We are exhausted but so grateful to be home.

They have confirmed one ‘bug’ and are awaiting results on additional cultures.  They have prescribed heavy-duty antibiotics and feel confident that she would be covered with running these through the Home IV.  I never imagined I would be learning so much about flushing lines, changing antibiotic bags, replacing tubing, PICC line occlusions and so on… nursing has NEVER been one of my aspirations but it’s worth it to have my girl home.

Looking forward to much needed rest.    Thank you for your prayers, support & love.


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  1. A sweet welcome home, dear Kayla and Shannon. You’ve more than earned it.


  2. Oh yay! Blast those bugs right outta there. So good to have your girl at home in her own bed.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Jennifer Palmer says:

    Yeah! Rest well sweet Kayla. Nicholas and Benjamin wish you well and send you lots of love. xo

  4. So happy for you that the docs have some idea of what is happening, have a plan, have enacted it, and you are able to be in your comforting home surroundings! Continued prayers and healing energy.


  5. Barb Myers says:

    I’ve been thinking about you constantly since your last post and hoping that you’d have Kayla home soon. So glad that has happened for you. There really is no place like home. I hope those bugs will be blasted away quickly now. I’m sure that Mom is the best nurse she could hope to have! Hugs.

  6. Cindy Schaber says:

    This is such great news to hear Kayla is home! Continued prayers for healing and for Bugs be gone! Hope you 2 have a well deserved restful day. The rainy day will provide great comforting rest. Good day to be curled up in pjs. Lots of love and light.

  7. That is the best news for both of you, and a great way to begin a weekend. My prayers continue for complete healing and restoration, and that no cells, other than what God himself put there be allowed to survive in your bodies!

  8. Michelle Richardson says:

    SO happy for all of you. No matter what you’re dealing with, it’s always nicer and more comforting to be dealing with it at home. Rest well and recovery quickly. Much love, Michelle oxo

  9. Claudia says:

    Glad you’re home! Sleep well and get some much needed (and well deserved) rest. SOKS….. we are always thinking of you and sending our love your way!

  10. Carolina Oxtoby says:

    What a happy day. The power of love and prayers as both are with you each day. Cuddle up with your favorite memory and know that you are in the hearts of everyone.
    I am going to work in my garden today, complete with rubber boots, and will do so with a happy heart knowing you are home Kayla. And by the way sweet girl power we are just shy of $30,000 in our pledges – hearts and pockets opened up with my recent update on your health.

    An abundance of love coming your way.

  11. The Stepan's says:

    Mike & Carrie-Anne caught Kayla on the breakfast show! She did GR8!

    You’ve all been in our thoughts & prayers.

    Glad Kayla is recovering & out of the hospital.

    Take care & know you are in our prayers throughout the day.

  12. Cassie Head says:

    You all are in my prayers every night, and my thoughts are always with you. Sending all the love I can…..

  13. Carla Vosburgh says:

    Thoughts of comfort and healing and continued prayers for each of you everyday! xoxo

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