Good news at last…

Our twice daily IV regime

Our twice daily IV regime

It has been such a roller coaster.

After a month that gave us 2 unexpected surgeries and a new ‘normal’ of twice-a-day home IV, our visit with Kayla’s doctors this morning was a joyful occasion.  Her MRI is clear and blood work is normal – what a huge relief!   And the final bonus is that they agreed that her PICC* line can be removed next Thursday.

* PICC – Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter is inserted into the arm and the tip is internally advanced to rest by the heart to administer chemo or antibiotics.

This is great news for many reasons:

  • there is no sign of any infection in her brain that had resulted in not one, but 2 surgeries.  The second surgery was to remove a large section of her skull where the bone had become infected.
  • these antibiotics have not been easy on our girl’s system.  She has lost over 15 pounds on her already trim body and has not felt well for much of the time.  She’s SO looking forward to enjoying food again!
  • we had hoped to go to the lake for the July long weekend and she would not have been able to swim with a PICC line.  Now that would have been adding insult to injury, seeing us all play in the water while she watched from the dock!
  • and best of all….NO new cancer.  YES!

Selfishly, I will not be sad to see the end of having to administer the IV every day at 9:00am and 9:00pm.  Everything gets scheduled around this 45 minute procedure, although we have tried to make the best of it.  One nite we decided to sneak in a movie even though it finished right at 9:00.  With no time to get home, we had to administer the IV in the back seat in the theater parking lot.  I’m glad I have tinted windows cuz it probably didn’t look too good to see a mom ‘shooting up’ her daughter.   :-)

As I watch the rain continue to pour outside and listen to the news of friends & neighbors being evacuated from flash floods, I say a prayer.  Prayers of gratitude for the good news we received today and for strength & mercy for those in crisis.  Life can be so full of challenges.

Oh it’s almost 9:00, gotta go.  Thank you for all your on-going support….it truly keeps up going when we’re all used up.

Carpe Diem!


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  1. Wahoooooooo !!! Great news – bring on summer!!!

  2. Jennifer Palmer says:

    Fantastic!! Love and light to all of you, as always. xo

  3. SOOOOOooooo happy for you to have some significant upbeat news, and so inspired by your thoughtfulness of others in distress! Prayers continuing your way.


  4. Even with the pouring rain, I’m sure my neighbours heard me yelling “YES”!! That is the BEST NEWS! Watch out Tetrault….here comes Kayla!
    Love to you both,

  5. Judy Glass says:

    What fabulous news!!! Thinking of you 3 with joy and Love.

  6. Cathy Fend says:

    *Such* good news!! Answered prayers :)

  7. Cheryl Boyko says:

    So, so, so happy to hear this good news! So happy for you all!!

    Love and hugs!!

  8. Lu Kovacs says:

    OMG, your news has brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am sooooo happy for all of you. Keep up your strength!!

  9. Cindy Schaber says:

    This is the best news I have read in a long time. I am so happy for your gorgeous family. Prayers will continue to be sent your way. You 2 are beautiful and courageous. Sending a big warm hug of happiness to your both. You 2 are truly blessings to this world. XO.

  10. Julie Hamilton says:

    Hot Damn and Hallelujah!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Oh fantastic news indeed!
    I’m so glad for all of you.
    Time for Summer Living <3

  12. Sandy MacDonell says:

    Such a gift to have this great report card heading into summer. YIPEEE! You girls are amazing and your strength is inspiring; knowing full well how much energy it takes to keep your sights clearly focused on positive, positive, positive outcomes…….ever forward girls…….you have blessings, support, and the love of many……..enjoy your time at the lake. Its all about family…..thinking of you…….Love Sandy

  13. Nancy Jacklin says:

    Hallelujah!!! SO GREAT!!! Love to you all.

  14. Yippee! Great news…. here’s to a great summer ahead and lots of swimming and wonderful times for all of you at the lake!

  15. Shelley Wright says:

    What fabulous news! Wishing Kayla’s spirit to soar now to higher heights along with you!! Prayers are on the way for a wonderful Long weekend.
    Blessings Shelley

  16. Sam Bryden says:



  18. Stephanie Dea says:

    Yay! That is great news! Thank you for sharing your journey. I send both of you much love and compassion. Know that you inspire me everyday and have such a positive powerful effect on all these lives you touch.

  19. Val Wesley says:

    Strength and Peace and Love to you, Shannon & Kayla!

  20. Michelle Richardson says:

    WOO HOO doesn’t begin to cover it… this is such awesome news and you 3 are a wonderful example of love, strength, faith, and perseverance. So glad this bright news has arrived for all of you and that you will all go ‘jump in the lake’ together!! ENJOY!!! Love and hugs all around. Michelle & Family oxoxo

  21. Brian Marr says:

    Great news Shannon, I am so very glad to hear it. I think we are all in awe of you and Kayla. Facing all you have, your abilities to endure, to challenge , to love and support, and maybe above all to accept and “live your way into the answer” amazes and give us chance to reflect on our own life. Thanks.
    Here’s to some well earned time together for you, Kayla and Tyler at the lake!

  22. Cathy Birdges says:

    Such wonderful, wonderful news! The sun, and the warmth and the birds and the peaceful healing energy is here at the lake just waiting for you. It will be an amazing moment to see you all on the dock, together, once again – exactly where you should be on the July long weekend!!

  23. What wonderful news! Enjoy the July get-away to the lake. It sounds like revival incarnate! much love to all of you.

  24. Cassie Head says:

    Love you all and so thrilled about the news! Woo-hoo!!!! :0)

  25. The Stepan's says:

    WE are so glad she is progressing and on the mend!

    Getting that needle out will be a bonus & add to her recovery.

    You go Kayla & keep on the mend!

    You are both in our paryers.

    Kayla & Shannon Keep on Rockin!

  26. Kim Johnston says:

    Great news! A nice start to the summer for all of you. I am amazed, that in all the chaos around you, you find humour in situations and time to send out love and prayers to others that may need your strength. I know the good karma will keep returning back to you and yours.

  27. Such GREAT news!! And a wonderful way to start your summer! Enjoy the lake and jump in with both feet Kayla…..Sending love and healing prayers always! xoxo

  28. Barb Myers says:

    What wonderful news! I was thinking about both of you last night as we did the Relay for Life in Mississauga and was wondering how you were doing. I am so happy for you and so glad i “checked in” today. I wish Kayla continued good health and hope that you are doing well too, Shannon. Enjoy the summer together with Tyler once Calgary gets back to normal.

  29. Laurie Dodds says:

    Jim and I are thinking of you often, and we’re so happy to hear this great news about Kayla. We hope that you are also doing OK, Shannon. Enjoy your lake time! Hugs from both of us.

  30. Linda Charlton says:

    Whoop Whoop!!! Great news!!! I’m so happy you will spend the long weekend smelling the soft air at the lake! Breathe. So happy to hear this news

  31. Sue Mackey says:

    Loved walking in the July sunshine with Oliver to see you this morning Shannon ~ you are so beautiful inside and out. Connor and his friend Nic are on their way to pull the branch cuttings into the ravine. I’m crossing my fingers you will be decked out in your western finest for the BBQ tonight ~ Shine On my friend!

  32. What a wonderful, joyful moment to see the great news for Kayla. Shannon you and your family are fabulous.

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