Disbelief. More shocking news…

To say the last few weeks have been a blur would be an understatement.

Please pray for our whole family

On top of all my cancer news, some frightening things have been unfolding with my beautiful daughter, Kayla (age 15).   It started with a couple of very intense seizures in mid-October which brought us to the Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH).  She checked out well from a neurological perspective so they released her from Emerg, with orders for a followup EEG & MRI over the next couple weeks.

The EEG was bumpier. They pronounced epilepsy and she was immediately put on meds.  As shocking as this was, she approached it all with an amazing attitude and a determination to not let this inhibit her life.  It was a joy to see her performing brilliantly at her Swim Meet and to approach both her studies and social life with enthusiasm & grace.

Thurs, Nov 15 we went in for the routine MRI and was given some more startling news.

Kayla has a rather large 7 cm tumor in her brain.  She has been scheduled for surgery on Monday, November 26 to remove it.  I will not minimize how challenging it was to receive this news – I pray you never have to sit in a room and hear such things.

On a positive note, we are very happy with the Neurosurgeon and remain optimistic about the outcome.  She will be moved to ICU after surgery and remain at the ACH for a number of days.  Full pathology on the tumor (which takes ~1 week) will determine additional treatment protocols.   Updates on Kayla will also be in this blog.

I sit in awe of my children.  I couldn’t be prouder of this young woman & how she traverses life’s challenges.  To see her authentically express her emotions around this shocking news.  To hear her articulate clearly her wants & needs.  Not to mention making some solid Carpe Diem choices …. out the next day challenging her brother & uncle in Paintball and we’re already planning what fun haircuts she can pull off post-surgery.  :)

Obviously there is much going on in our home – please wrap us all in your prayers for strength, peace, wisdom & healing.

And go give someone you love a really, really big hug!  Carpe Diem!



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  1. Dear Shannon-you are a remarkable woman and mother. I’ve just received your update about your daughter. I will keep your family in my thoughts, prayers and meditation. I’m so delighted you have this beautiful blog to keep friends and family updated on your journey :-)

  2. Good morning Shannon. So sorry to hear about Kaylas health. Our love and prayers are with all of you at this time. Please give Kayla a hug from me on behalf of your Mom. Bonnie

  3. Angel Kayla,

    I am so sorry to hear about the hurdles you are facing at this time. I have such a strong faith and belief that all will unfold so beautifully for both you and your mom. I see you both shining with optimum health in future days and continuing to teach each and everyone of us how to live fully — with paintball, groovy haircuts and gratitude. You are a true role model for me.

    Love, Michelle

  4. Thinking of you always Shannon, you and your family have been in my prayers everyday. Take care.

  5. Melody Williamson says:

    Hi Shannon, Kayla, and Tyler,
    Shock like no other shock is right!! I’ll be honest, our family is reeling from this so I can’t imagine being in your shoes. Please know that we are trying to move out of our own shock, disbelief, pain, and frustration, to a place where we can imagine you all in a healing white light and that we are thinking of you constantly!! Praying for you daily and holding you in our hearts through each step of this journey. Bravo and Brava for finding Carpe Diem moments – that is true inspiration, Kayla and Tyler!! Sending BIG HUGS to you all!!!! And, yes, now, we are going to hug each other – thank you!! Bless you!!
    Melody, Ian, Morgan, and Keelan

  6. R-den & Kelby says:

    My darling Kayla and Shannon,
    We can’t believe that two of our favorite people on the planet are facing such challenges at the same time! We wish that we were there to wrap you in love. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and have marked our calendars for Nov. 26 to do a special meditation dedicated to Kayla.

    As they say here ‘buena suerte a nuestros amigas’ (good luck our friends). (And Shannon – I did give Kelby an extra big morning hug when I returned in tears from reading your post this morning! Thanks for reminding all of us not to take even one moment for granted)!
    Huge love,
    r-den y Kelbolita

  7. Diana Izzotti. says:

    Dear Shannon and kids, What would we do for our children? Anything & everything. You, Shannon are doing it all. You are a beacon of strength to them and countless other people. Seeing your grace and courage under pressure will undoubtedly be Kayla’s and Tyler’s cornerstone in stressful times. I know there will be tears, because we all need tears – but the glow of love is the thing that will permeate the fear and sorrow. Holding you in my prayers, and sending tons of healing light your way, Diana. xxx

  8. Dearest Shannon,

    You and your precious children are in my heart and prayers. I am so deeply moved by your courage, vulnerability and openness. And yet I know it isn’t easy. Please lean on all of us. We are here for you. So is the Divine. Tomorrow night at my Sparkle Circle I will light a candle for you, Kayla and Tyler. Sending hugs and sparkling energy so that every cell in your body may return to its natural state of light….

    With love,

  9. Rose-Ann Normandeau says:

    Dear Shannon,
    You’ve taken my breath away!!! I can’t imagine getting the news about Kayla with everything that else that is going on. You have an unbelievable spirit. We are sending out love and prayers to you and your family. Keep smiling.

  10. So amazing -so many pictures of you in the last month shows a Shine on Shannon – including the pic from LC. I see and hold you in the light, I see and hold Kayla in the light but even more I set the intention for positive outcomes in an ocean of pure potential. The trail of cancer stops here and you are already well on your way to accomplishing this. You are the healer and the healed and you have the courage and power to do this. I know you do with every fiber of my being. Bring it from the dark into the light – and you my love are the light.

  11. Gaylene Sitler says:

    Oh, Shannon, what a shock this latest piece of news is! You and your precious daughter are in our prayers. May you be blessed with courage and peace as you move forward!!

  12. Rayanne Iverson says:

    Always on my mind.

  13. Doreen Grey says:

    Shannon and family, I read your news to day with shock and empathy. You are in my thoughts and prayers sort of continually – I have asked God to remind me of you often. May you feel His touch. With love, Doreen

  14. Dear Shannon and Kayla,

    I’m holding you both in my heart, seeing you living and loving life to the full and asking source to please heal and clear this energy and envelop you in love, light and grace. much love and hugs sweethearts xxx

    • Shannon,
      Your story, at this point, brings to mind the biblical story of Job: trials upon trials imposed on good people. That you have the strength, like Job, to find meaning and love in all this is, to me, greatly inspiring and almost incomprehensible. Almost, but not really, since I know you.

      I think of you daily, and of your family.


  15. Wendy Eeles says:

    My heart and prayers go out for your family as you manoeuvre your way through this challenging time.
    May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.


  16. Rebecca Willson says:

    A bit lost for words at this news Shannon – cannot believe that yet another member of your family is having to fight this same battle. Just know that we are holding you all up in prayer – that’s all we can do from this far away – and trusting that the good Lord will give you whatever you need from Him each day.
    With love from us both – Tim and Rebecca

  17. Laurie Rabatich says:

    Shannon & Kayla,
    Thinking of all of you daily. Even under such difficult circumstances you continue to inspire us. You will be covered in prayer on the 26th.

  18. Your strength and openness amaze me. Both you and Kayla have incredible courage and I pray for your family every day.

  19. Lisa Ruzicki says:

    Oh Shannon, I am deeply sorry to hear about Kayla’s health. I am at a loss for words. Please know that I will pray for you, Kala and your whole family. You are in my thoughts always.

  20. So sorry to hear this, Shannon… You will be in my prayers.
    Love, Val

  21. Shannon, Kayla and Tyler,
    So sorry to hear the news of Kayla. We are sending prayers daily for all of you and will definately send huge healing prayers on Nov 26th for Kayla. Shannon, your peace, love, light, courage and strength amaze and inspire us all. God Bless you and your family always.

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