A new chapter unfolds….

This is the original email I sent out letting friends know about cancer’s return…

Re: Another speed bump on my journey

Dear friends,
On Sept 11, I always take time for reflection … this year was 12 years from the date I was first told I had cancer. The irony of this year’s anniversary was I was in getting a CT scan to determine what was happening in my body.

To bring everyone up to speed, I was in a car accident last April and shortly after started experiencing some back/rib pain. They did x-rays and stated everything was fine and that it would just take time.
My beautiful lakeside sanctuary is the perfect place to heal and I had a truly magical summer sharing it with my loved ones – the one downside being that the pain was not getting better, in fact getting worse.

Upon returning home after Labour Day, I called my oncologist to do some further checking and it has been a whirlwind of tests since. Yesterday I received the results and it’s sad news.
The cancer has returned….the bone metastasis is in my ribs, spine and skull. There are also spots in both lungs. Obviously not good news. [Read more...]