Bucket List #39 – Meet Oprah


Help us see Oprah – comment on our vid pls :)

I’ve always been a fan of Oprah and how she continually strives to make a difference in our world.  When I heard about the contest with Aly Pain to win a couple tickets to see Oprah in Calgary next week, I thought how wonderful it would be to see her with Kayla.

The contest involved doing a 2 minute video talking about a leader that has inspired you.  This is Kayla’s and my submission (Click on the link below)


Apparently part of the voting criteria is:

“Any moving comments about your video or sharing with purpose made may influence me! This is NOT a popularity contest. This is a contest to inspire – like Oprah.”

Now to say that this video is inspiring would be a real stretch considering Kayla and I threw this together in the dining room late the nite it was due – with our cat Smokey as the only director.

That said, if you could please throw us a comment  it may help us get a little closer to seeing the one and only Oprah – after all that is one of the incompletes on my Bucket List :-)

Carpe Diem!

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  1. I love these two women. Shannon alone has modelled a woman with an inner spirit that could show the whole world how to live better. But now with Kayla’s diagnosis they both show this inner strength. Kayla is simply responding in a manner of which she was taught by her mother’s example all of these years.

  2. PLEASE THROW THOSE COMMENTS -on how Shannon and Kayla inspire you with their leadership – on the youtube video comment section – BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT – FRIDAY. Thank you.

    • Janine and Doug Fraser says:

      Where do you begin to measure the strength of the human spirit? How much is one person or family supposed to endure? I have only had the pleasure to meet Shannon briefly through my husband Doug who was a dear friend to her for many years but yet I feel I know her through her inspirational way of connecting with so many people.You know you often hear that we are all here for a purpose and I feel privileged to have watched Shannon and Kayla’s story through their amazing ablility to let others into the privacy of their life struggles.I truly believe they could inspire many a world leader with their amazing strenghth and positive attitude which has obviously lifted them above the obstacles in their lives and they are without a doubt leaders who are forces to be reckoned with and ultimately they will rise above…

  3. Gaylene Sitler says:

    These two women are amazing! Their courage and “face-your-fears” attitude has won them the utmost respect of all those of us who love them and cheer them on! What a thrill a visit with Oprah would be for them! Their story is inspiring for all who face trials in life!

  4. Angel Shannon …. I remember the first sharing circle you held. It was right in the middle of my family room … and as we gathered around and you sat on the hearth it was with heart-melting honesty and the ability to share the center seeds of wisdom that captured each and everyone in the room. You soon became the beacon of inspiration for a VAST community of men and women … never failing to shine your light and teachings upon our individual paths.

    Angel Kayla …. You are indeed your mother’s daughter. The equanimity and juicy living you have shown these past months makes every single day in my family life a little brighter. I have found myself cheering you on as I send my heart energy west… and cheering my own children on even more fully as a result …. saying “YEAH … paint your canvas you beautiful children … all of you …. paint your canvas exactly as YOU are inspired individually !!”

    You are both my Oprah’s …. and I cannot think of a more incredible duo to be seated in the audience of another inspirational woman’s show. In my mind’s eye I not only see you at the show, but backstage sharing a glass of wine :)

    With so much love … M xoxo

  5. patti hodgson says:

    Dear Shannon and Kayla ( SOKS)

    How very proud I am to call you two my friend. How wonderful that you both should have the opportunity to meet such an amazing women like Oprah Winfrey. She has been a teacher, a girl friend, a sister, a Mother figure, and above all, a loving voice to encourage me to live the life that is best for me. It is very fitting then, that she have the opportunity to meet you both. She may have more years of influence in my life, but you are the most extraordinary woman I have ever known and the gifts you have given my life are too numerous to count. Your lead your life with an open heart, a clear and determined attitude to find the very best in all people and all situations. You Missy Duke, are an insiration to me. You are extraordinary and the steadfast manner you have followed your carpe diem life through all the challenges is beyond words. It is no surprise at all to see the beautiful Kayla follow in your example. Oprah may have more years, but you my friend, have been a loving gift! Cast my vote for you both to win the tickets. Miss Winfrey would be blessed to meet you both.



  6. I only know Shannon and Kayla indirectly, but I have been so touch, encouraged and inspired by their story. They truly are an inspiration ! Though out the bumps in their llives they have shown such positive attitudes, they have taught us so much.
    Oprah you would love to meet these two amazing brave Ladies.

  7. princess patti says:

    Dear OPRAH:

    With all my heart I can’t think of 2 women with as much earnest spirit for life to be awarded their “Bucket List #39″ Shannon and Kayla are an inspiration to us all and her message to me is “I need a longer bucket list!” This is another example how their leadership and attitude for living has inspired me and many others that have known Shannon and Kayla. Facing adversity these two march on with conviction, determined to live life to its fullest. Your fortitude to fight for life is an example that we should all cherish, learn from, and respect. This inspires me to march on in my days with reason and determination . I am blessed to have them in my life. Thank you darling for all that you have taught me about myself. March on Sistah!!!

  8. Shannon, how you have handled the medical adversity that has been part of your world from such an early age has always been amazing to me. Your mother had such a beautiful soul and fabulous attitue for life which you continue to exhibit tenfold and this spirit shines so brightly in Kayla as well, Your zest and joy for life, your faiith, your fortitude and your determination to succeed are truly inspirational to all that know you.
    xo D

  9. Nicky Fitzmaurice says:

    Please make this happen for Shannon and her daughter. They inspire so many people with their courage and care within their community and beyond – it would be wonderful if they could meet their inspiration and talk with Oprah. God Bless.

  10. Shannon Fioretti says:

    Shannon and Kayla are the epitome of strength and courage during challenging times. The peace and support that they portray is an inspiration. Having gone through it myself, I believe that staying positive, kind and loving helps heal the cancer as it did for me and it inspires so many. Shannon and Kayla are a strong team together by role modelling their courage and love. It would be amazing to tell their stories with Oprah as so many people would benefit from it.

  11. SOKS (Shine on Kayla and Shannon) epitomizes Shannon and Kayla’s journey in life. Their light is real, strong and courageous . I have been blessed to know Shannon and Kayla for many years. To say they have been an inspiration is an understatement. To open the door to their lives with their struggles is daring, vulnerable, soulful and full of faith that the universe will look after them, is nothing less than heroic. Oprah, these beautiful women are most worthy of being a part of your evening and life.

  12. A leader is a dealer in hope. – Napoleon Bonaparte.

    No two women have given more hope to all of us than Kayla and Shannon.

    They are the two bravest women I know.

    Shine on Kayla and Shannon, Shine on !!!

  13. Shannon and Kayla, what two inspiring women you both are! You both move forward with your diagnosis with courage, great support and love for each other and even some laughter. Oprah could learn so much from the two of you. I hope that this wish on your bucket list comes true.

    With love,

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