Big News!

It’s time to stop the e-greetings.  Not because Kayla and Shannon don’t appreciate them.  Believe me, they do.  No, it’s time to stop the e-greetings because, believe it or not, Kayla is being released from the hospital tomorrow (November 24) and the hospital won’t continue to deliver any e-greetings after she leaves.

Yes, Kayla is going home!  After a short three days, she is now fully mobile, is eating and drinking and is off all IV meds.  She is a walking miracle, say the doctors.  Miracles are our mantra, says Shannon.

Shannon and Kayla want everyone to know how much they appreciate and value all the support, love, thoughts and prayers that have been sent their way.

We will keep you informed as she continues her recovery.

(Shannon via Becky Shaw)

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  1. I am repeating your words… Miracles are our mantra! Enjoy the ride home. The sun is out to greet your arrival. Many blessings. xo, Paula

  2. The Stepan's says:


    This is Great news. We’re all pleased to know that Kayla’s making such a speedy recovery and doing so well. Of course what else can be expected of such an awesome person taking on this unexpected and unfortunate challenge. You are both beacons of strength & inspiration.

    Take care & get your rest to keep up the fantastic work!

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