Best Homecoming Ever!

I’m Outta Here! (This is one of the many amazing sculptures at the Children’s Hospital…I couldn’t resist snapping a pic on our way out :)

Kayla is home as of today, November 25!  Both she and Shannon are so grateful to be home and settled in and comfortable, although the experience at the Children’s Hospital could not have been better.  They are both so happy with the care and support of everyone they came in contact with, from the doctors to the nurses to the support staff.

They are also incredibly grateful for all the support from the SOS (Shine on Shannon) team.  They dined on fresh, gourmet meals brought every night, instead of hospital food, and they brought home two carloads of flowers, cards and gifts.  Keep sending your love messages through the blog, email, Facebook (Kayla Schewe) and even the old fashioned way – cards through the mail.

What’s needed more than anything now is good, healing rest. And thankfully, now everyone is back at home so that can begin.

(Shannon via Becky Shaw)

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  1. So much activity for one week! Sending you much love, peace and tranquility for the weeks to come. And healing, healing, healing on all levels for both of you angels. Rest up my love, the SOS team will take care of the rest. New Care Calendar for December is out for Shannon and her family. If you didn’t receive the email and want to in the future – email me [email protected]
    CALENDAR ID : 128714
    SECURITY CODE : 9153

  2. Ron & Ellie says:

    sending all of you prayers of health and strength.
    Ron & Ellie

  3. I am in awe of all the love and sharing that surrounds you and your family! The SOS team is amazing!! You are well taken care of… from above and all around. Sending healing energy and serene breaths. Much love, Paula

  4. I’m soooo happy to hear you are both home and getting much deserved rest. Two exceptional women, I must say. You are truly amazing and my thoughts are with you and your family.

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